A Week on My Feet: Getting to Know the UPLIFT 900 Desk

A Week on My Feet: Getting to Know the UPLIFT 900 Desk

Posted by Troy A on Oct 2nd 2014

I wasn't long ago that my image of an office job was less than ideal. I pictured myself in an ill-fitting shirt with an ugly tie, sipping coffee while I sat in front of a CRT computer monitor for nine hours a day. If it’s not totally obvious, a lot of my knowledge of office work is painted by comedies from the 1990s, although with considerably fewer hijinks. So when I landed a job here at Human Solution, I definitely felt a little trepidation with the idea of sitting behind a desk all day. I’d been writing for quite some time at this point, and trading in my laptop and couch setup for a more traditional workstation was making me a little nervous. But all of that anxiety washed away the moment I stood at my desk: the UPLIFT 900.

Much like the famed Hair Club for Men (they’re still famous right?), we’re not only employees, we’re also clients. Everyone here works with a Sit/Stand desk, ergonomic chair and treadmill. It was a whole new world for me. Everything I’d known about the work environment was being turned on its head, which meant I had to unlearn some pretty bad habits about how to setup a workstation. I’ve only been using the UPLIFT 900 for a week now, and already I can feel some positive results.

Being 6’4” and hovering around 250lbs, I’ve always had a tumultuous relationship with office chairs and desks. Desks were never quite tall or deep enough. I've rammed my legs into more metal and wood than any human should. Random slams here and there were a common occurrence and were more effective in perking me up than a double shot of espresso. With the UPLIFT , this isn't an issue. The crossbar you would usually find under most desks is optional, so I can slide my legs underneath with reckless abandon. By Wednesday, I felt like some sort of daredevil. I was invigorated by the notion of leaving work with no leg injuries. It was also nice to walk out of the office with energy.

What some people don't know is that sitting for extended periods of time can have a severe effect on your energy levels. While some sitting can rest muscles and give you time to recoup, too much time in your chair can leave you feeling lethargic and unmotivated. While using my new desk, I would raise it every hour or so just to get my blood pumping a bit. It was nice to move around and at the end of the day; I found that I didn't immediately want to crash on the couch. Raising the desk also forced me to correct my posture. No more slouching and leaning in my chair, which meant my back didn't pop like bubble wrap every couple hours.

It may seem a little ridiculous for me to sing the praises of something that I've only used for a week, but how much time do I really need to realize my back, legs and arms all feel dramatically better than normal? The UPLIFT 900 is making a huge difference in my adjustment to office life, and you know what? There actually are a good amount of hijinks happening too!

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