UPLIFT 900 Solid Wood Customer Testimonial

UPLIFT 900 Solid Wood Customer Testimonial

Posted by Pete A on Sep 18th 2014

Thinking about getting one of our beautiful UPLIFT 900 Solid Wood Desks? Every desktop is handcrafted here in Austin, TX by one of our skilled wood workers, and you can choose from a variety of woods to pair with our powerful UPLIFT 900 base. Having a solid wood UPLIFT desk says a lot about you. You know style. You are the definition of cool. You are a great dancer. Take our local satisfied customer Callie. While she was already awesome, she decided to make herself even more awesome by getting an UPLIFT Solid Wood Maple Desk. She does most of her work in design and managing her website from home, and here is what she had to say:

When I am working I find myself standing more than sitting just because I have the option to. It is important for me to be comfortable while I am working. I tend to design better if I am already in motion. My UPLIFT desk allows me to change the height of my workstation and stay efficient. My projects are always changing as is the demand of having to sit or stand. My desk was so easy to assemble and the real wood top looks and feels incredible!"

Thanks for your words of support Callie! Each desktop is made with care and inspected before shipping to ensure that it will last for years. If you are unsure of what wood to choose, you can order our UPLIFT Solid Wood Sample Kit, which comes with samples of all our woods - each a generous size and the same thickness (1.75") as a finished desktop. If you are looking for a custom size for your solid wood desk, feel free to call us at 1-800-531-3746 to get a quote.

For more information on UPLIFT desks and the many beautiful options available for solid wood desktops, you can check out our website at TheHumanSolution.com.

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