UPLIFT Desk Goes Nuts!

UPLIFT Desk Goes Nuts!

Posted by Human Solution on May 14th 2014

Here are some fun facts about pecan trees:

  • The pecan tree is the only major nut producing tree naturally found in North America.
  • The pecan tree first gained notoriety in Texas when former Texas governor, Jim S. Hogg, requested that a pecan tree be planted at his grave in lieu of a headstone upon his death in 1906. The pecan tree eventually became the official Texas state tree, and it has had this designation since 1919.
  • Some pecan trees will grow to be 150 feet tall, or taller, and some native pecan trees that are over 150 years old have trunks more than three feet in diameter.

These facts may be fun, but why am I telling you this? Because you can now get your UPLIFT Desk with a beautiful, handcrafted pecan wood desktop, like the one pictured above. Human Solution produces the UPLIFT Desk right here in Austin, Texas, and thanks in part to good ol' Governor Hogg and his love and promotion of the pecan tree, our woodworkers have easy access to this beautiful and unique wood.

There are a lot of electric adjustable height desks out there, and if you've been researching for a while, they may all start to look the same. They each have a particular height range and weight capacity. On the UPLIFT, it’s a 26” height range and a 355 lb weight capacity. We also offer a seven-year all-inclusive warranty on the entire frame, which is pretty unprecedented. All these things make UPLIFT a quality product and a great bang for your buck, but what really makes us stand apart from the crowd? You simply won’t find desks with the exclusive, native Texas wood tops that we offer anywhere else. Our woodworkers make each one by hand, from selecting and cutting the wood to finishing and adding any special touches you might need, like grommet holes for your wires, special cutouts and pretty much anything else you can think of.

We have offered our exclusive native and solid wood desktops to our customers for years, but we've only recently added pecan, as well as white oak, to the mix. We even have a really modern looking bamboo option, if that’s more your style. Whatever your taste, if you want a height adjustable desk that’s a beautiful piece of furniture as well as a step toward a healthier lifestyle, look no further than UPLIFT Desk!

We have experts on hand Monday through Saturday to help you get the custom look you want. Just give us a call at 800-531-3746 or visit us at TheHumanSolution.com.

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