Come See the J3: Introducing the J3 Ergonomic Chair from UPLIFT Desk

Come See the J3: Introducing the J3 Ergonomic Chair from UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Sep 14th 2017

The biggest problem with that standard issue company chair is that it’s standard. Sure it may have an adjustment or two here and there but these are really made for form rather than function. Some employers think a chair is just a chair and any chair can chair just as hard any other. If the use of "chair" as a verb caused your head to hurt, don’t worry. With the chair you’re in, your back and shoulders probably won’t be too far behind. Eventually, though, popping aspirins isn’t going to do much for you so it may be time to look into some alternative seating options. Some more ergonomic models, if you will. Initially you may notice that some ergonomic chairs on the market will give you a pretty bad case of sticker shock. But there are some less expensive ones out there. Just be careful about going too cheap. Cheaper chairs tend to not have certain adjustments, which doesn’t do much to alleviate the current situation with whatever you happen to be sitting in right now.

Fortunately, there’s an easy answer to this dilemma thanks to the introduction of the J3 Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk. Stylish design? Check. Ergonomic adjustability? Check. Price point that won’t make you cry? Check and check. The J3 comes with all of the adjustments that one would expect from a proper ergonomic sitting unit and comes in comfortably under half the price of most chairs in the same category of similar quality.

So what do we mean when we say “adjustments one would expect” from an ergonomic chair? Well for starters you get chair height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, and back height adjustment. You also get some less common adjustments such as the headrest position, back tilt, and armrests.“Armrests are an uncommon adjustment?” you ask. You’d be surprised at the number of chairs that either only come with fixed arms, or have an adjustment method that is such a pain it’s almost not even worth it. The J3, though, is super easy to adjust. You just press the button on the arm support and adjust to the height you need. Let go of the button to lock in place and you’re all set!

But maybe the back adjustments are what caught your eye. The J3 comes with an adjustable back recline that's capable of reclining to 4 different positions. You can even adjust the amount of force necessary to make the chair recline by adjusting the tension knob on the underside of the seat. Your lower back stays supported as well thanks to the synchronized lumbar support that actually adjusts with the back rest as you move. Best of all for you folks that run a little hot - the back of the chair is a breathable mesh which allows for constant air flow and keeps you cooler when seated.

The J3 also has an articulating headrest with a range of about 80 degrees for head and neck support which can sometimes be had to find in office chairs. After all, not every manufacturer is in love with the idea of a headrest and even fewer still manage to get it right. The J3’s headrest can be angled to give you the support where you need it and it actually looks like it belongs on the chair so the modern aesthetic remains.

Having said all of that about its more uncommon features, it’s time to talk a bit about that which is probably the most common feature of a chair - the seat. The J3’s seat design is actually a pretty rare find at a less than $300 price point. It’s upholstered in fine leather for both comfort and style and has a wider design, allowing it to fit a wider variety of users. The seat tapers off to a subtle waterfall edge which keeps your blood flow from getting cut off as you sit. This means less sleepy legs and far more comfort. Adding to that, taller users will be happy to know that the seat also has a slider with 6 different positions. No matter how long your legs are, by adjusting the seat depth and the seat height your legs and lower back should remain in relative comfort throughout your workday.

In terms of great ergonomic chairs for a ridiculously good price, it’s really hard to beat the J3 Ergonomic Chair. The closest you’ll probably get without spending at least $600 is the Pursuit, which is also made by UPLIFT. It even has its own blog post, but it does cost a little more. Regardless, feel free to call our customer service reps at 800-531-3746 and get yourself in a chair that hurts less both physically and financially.

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