Come See Us at PAX South This Weekend!

Come See Us at PAX South This Weekend!

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 29th 2016

Enthusiastic gamers, nerdcore music lovers, and game developers across the world have made PAX a major player among gaming conferences, doubling in size each year and expanding to five separate events. Whether you're a tabletop gamer, a Mac or PC person, a game creator, or an MC Frontalot fan, you're probably doing your best to get to PAX.

Stop by and say hi to us while you're there! PAX South is being held in San Antonio as we speak, just a short drive down I-35 from our Austin headquarters. We've got a number of our height adjustable desks and desktop converters set up for you to test drive. Most people think of desks as being associated only with work, but if you consider the hours you spend gaming, it's easy to see how a standing desk can benefit you.

In addition to alleviating the muscle pain that comes from staying in one position for hours, getting on your feet improves focus and energy, keeping you sharp so you can shoot aliens and solve mysteries. And of course there are numerous health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, increased blood flow, and additional calorie burn.

Creating a gaming station with a height adjustable desk allows you to fully customize your setup with exactly what you need for total domination. Add one or two monitor arms for perfect screen positioning, a memory keypad for one-touch height adjustment, or a task light for comfortable lighting. Choose how many grommet holes and where you want them, and add a power grommet to plug your peripherals right into your desktop. Try an Evoluent mouse to avoid repetitive stress injuries; it will work flawlessly on our new UV-cured desktops, powder coated for precision mousing. Don't forget your standing mat, free with a desk purchase and probably the most important standing accessory of all. We cover all the details so you can sit, stand, and destroy the competition in total ergonomic comfort.

Hope to see you there! We're happy to answer all your questions and go head-to-head (we get to be Mario).

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