Do Better Than a Phone Call!

Do Better Than a Phone Call!

Posted by Tyler R on Jun 17th 2016

Put the tie away. Dad has enough of those and with Father’s Day around the corner, you’ll probably need a good alternative. Lucky for you I’ve got a list of items that’ll make your Dad’s special day a little more, well, special.

1. UPLIFT Motion Stool: This one is a relatively new addition that’s become a fan favorite. The stool allows your dad to remain active throughout the day, even while sitting. This improves circulation and core strength which keeps Dad healthy and spry. The stool has the ability to tilt forward, back and side to side and even has height adjustability so if dad has a lot of height, this stool can rise to the occasion.

2. UPLIFT Desk LED Task Light: If dad is the crafty type, or the reading type, or any type really, this task light can brighten his day. The UPLIFT Desk LED Light provides a glare-free light source and has a foldable lamp arm with angle adjustment that lets dad focus the light where he needs it the most.

3. Uplift 900 Desk Base: This could be a really awesome do-it-yourself project if dad is the DIY type. We sell our height adjustable desk bases without tops for people who have their own that they want to use. It’s easy to assemble, and all you really need be concerned with is that your top is large enough for the base. For help with dimensions, check out this Uplift 900 Base Dimensions informational sheet, or give us a call. This could be a fun way to spend time together and reconnect! The desk bases ship out the same business day if you order before 3:00 PM CST.

4. Uplift Keyboard Tray: If Dad does a lot of computer work he’s probably putting a lot of strain on his wrists and arms. This reasonably priced keyboard tray option can mitigate and even potentially eliminate this pressure. It has height, angling, and swiveling adjustments, and it comes with two different sized tracks for easy mounting. By upgrading his work space with this option, Dad can avoid neck and shoulder issues, and improve his overall comfort when working.

5. Steelcase Amia: If your father isn’t really the stool type we have some pretty great chair options as well. One of our most versatile and popular chairs is the Steelcase Amia. This chair fits a variety of sizes and shapes and, along with having a wide array of modern ergonomic features, encourages good posture and gives dad excellent back support.

Being a store that specializes in ergonomic office furniture and accessories, we have plenty of other great gift options as well! If you want to brainstorm or get other recommendations, give us a call and we’ll one up that greeting card from last year!

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