Dr. Oz Recommends Standing at Work and Using a Standing Desk

Dr. Oz Recommends Standing at Work and Using a Standing Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 1st 2012

We’ve told you all about the health benefits of standing while you work before. We’ve also told you about the health risks associated with sitting all day.

After many years of research and experience, we’ve come to the following conclusion: If you want to live longer, feel better, and get healthier, you need to sit less and stand more during the day.

There’s tons of data out there that supports the fact that sitting can lessen your lifespan while standing can do the exact opposite. But don’t just take it from us … and the many researchers who have published papers about this issue. Let’s hear Dr. Oz tell it!

In a recent segment on his TV show, Dr. Oz talked about the dangers of sitting all day. Sitting, he said, can be detrimental to your health. The best thing to do is to stand at work in order to stay healthy and increase your lifespan. Dr. Oz also talks about the issue in this web video with Marlo Thomas.

One of the best ways to receive the benefits of standing all day is to use a standing desk. Our standing desks are designed to allow you to go from sitting to standing very easily. It’s not healthy to stand all day, since that can add extra stress to your body. The best way to access the health benefits of standing while you work is to use an adjustable standing desk, also called an adjustable height desk or ergonomic sit to stand desk.

Dr. Oz’s blog states: “[Sitting too much] can lead to obesity, muscle and bone weakness, certain cancers, diabetes, and a shorter life span.”

Dr. Oz’s blog also recommends using a standing desk: “Some work places are moving to standing work stations, where you can stand at a counter with your computer rather than sitting all day. Some facilities have even gone so far as to have treadmills available at work stations so that you can walk slowly in place while working! I’m not sure I’m coordinated enough for that, but apparently many people are doing it.”

Check out our most popular adjustable height standing desks, and take a look at our treadmill desks and bike desks.

We’re ergonomic experts who use standing desks every day. We’d love to chat with you about them and help you find the right solution for your workspace. Give us a call at 800-531-3746, email us or drop in live chat.

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