Ergonomic Keyboard Review: Goldtouch Go! Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboard Review: Goldtouch Go! Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 19th 2012

By using the protective key cover as a base, you can easily place the Goldtouch Go! Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard over your laptop's keyboard.

One of the dichotomies of how far we have come with technology is that the more convenient our devices become, the less ergonomic they seem to get. If you’ve ever typed on a phone or tablet – and at this point, if you haven’t you’re probably not reading this blog – then you know using these devices does not put you in the most comfortable of positions.

And if you’ve been keeping up with Human Solution’s blog regularly, you know the proper ergonomic position when typing is to have the screen at eye level and your keyboard in your lap so you can see the screen without neck or eye strain and type with relaxed shoulders, arms and wrists. This is pretty much impossible on devices like an iPad or a smartphone, but attaching a keyboard instead of using a touchscreen is a good start to making typing on these devices more ergonomic.

For those in the market for an easy-to-use, compact and wireless travel keyboard that is still ergonomic, Goldtouch has recently introduced the Goldtouch Go! Bluetooth Wireless version of their popular Go! Travel Keyboard. Featuring the same soft touch keys and tenting feature as our other Goldtouch keyboards, the Bluetooth Go! is perfect for laptop, tablet and mobile users who want to be able to type quickly, easily and ergonomically. You can split, tilt and tent the Gouldtouch Go! Wireless Keyboard up to 30 degrees with its integrated ball-and-lever technology, which allows you to place it in the most comfortable position for your body type.

It is especially useful for laptop users on the go. Place your laptop at eye level and put the Bluetooth Go! in your lap – it operates as far as 32 feet away, depending on the sensitivity of your Bluetooth dongle – or even use its protective key cover as a base to place the keyboard over your laptop’s. The keyboard automatically connects with any Bluetooth-ready device, and can easily switch between devices with one key command, even switching between Mac and PC. Please note that the Bluetooth Go! Keyboard does not currently work with the MacBook Pro, though they are working on making it compatible.

Personally, I like using it with my Google Nexus tablet. I am terrible with touch screens, which results in several mistakes, and find typing painful after any extended use. If I need to use it for typing more than a line or so, I can prop the tablet on a stand, turn on the Go! and type easily and comfortably in my lap. Once you sync it up, you are automatically connected whenever you turn the keyboard on. Also, the keyboard’s extended battery life means I only have to charge it once every two or three weeks with regular use, making it a great travel keyboard.

Convenience now no longer means sacrificing ergonomics. People are relying more and more on typing on mobile devices, and for more than simply texting a line or two. Whether you are typing an email on a tablet or writing a novel on your laptop, you don’t have to type hunched over and in pain. Get a Goldtouch Go! Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and type as easily and comfortably as you would on your regular computer (more so, if your computer has a standard keyboard). If you have more questions as to whether a wireless travel keyboard like the Go! is right for you, as always you can email, call 800-531-3746, or get in live chat and one of our experts here will be happy to help.

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