Facebook Uses Adjustable Height Standing Desks. Here's Why ...

Facebook Uses Adjustable Height Standing Desks. Here's Why ...

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 9th 2013

Next time you log on to your Facebook account, keep in mind that the techies behind the social media service are burning calories and keeping their backs healthy by using adjustable height desks.

That’s right, Facebook’s office in New York is packed with electric adjustable standing desks – these are desks that you can raise up and down with the push of a button, so that you can sit and stand while working.

As we’ve mentioned before, too much sitting is bad for you, and too much standing is not the best thing either. If you’re working at a desk, the ideal situation is to use an adjustable height desk so you’ll be able to easily switch from a seated position to a standing position while working. That way, you can stand and receive the health benefits of a standing workstation, like increased calorie burn, better circulation, less stress on the back, and improved energy and focus. But when you feel you need to sit down for a while, you can easily position your desk height down and sit.

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