Guest Post: The UPLIFT is the Standing Desk for Photographers, by Toby Gelston

Guest Post: The UPLIFT is the Standing Desk for Photographers, by Toby Gelston

Posted by Human Solution on May 12th 2015

Toby Gelston is a photography whiz who gives tips and tricks that will up your photography game at We're pleased to welcome him to the THS Blog to discuss the benefits of upgrading to the UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk!

Like many modern workers, my job requires spending long hours in front of the computer. As someone who works from home and is putting in the long hours required to build a successful business, I spend more hours each day at my desk than the average worker, and my body was starting to show some signs that all this sitting wasn't good. I started gaining weight and experiencing lower back and neck pain. In the past, I have experimented with standing desks, and while I didn't mind the standing, there were some tasks where I wanted to sit or times when I just wanted to relax while staying at my desk. Having a desk that only provided a standing option became tiresome, and I actually ended up on a very non-ergonomic stool for parts of the day, eventually abandoning the standing desk completely. A few years later, I discovered the UPLIFT Desk and it is amazing. With the touch of a single button, I can take my desk from the perfect programmed standing height to a comfortable sitting position. I also found that at the standing height, my chair nicely fits completely underneath the desk; it really feels like my office space is larger when I get hide my chair from view.

In addition to my desk being used for all the normal office type stuff, I record several videos for Youtube each week. These videos are a mix of photography how-to, gear reviews, and a weekly live show with a co-host. For some shows, I need to show lenses or cameras sitting on the desk; for other shows, I need room for a presentation running next to me. Being able to quickly adjust the desk to the perfect height for the needs of each video is simply awesome. When I ordered the UPLIFT Desk, I appreciated the huge range of customizability that allowed me to get something large enough to be flexible for my needs, fit in my space, and allow me to customize the desk surface to fit with the theme and design of my office/studio. I need a photogenic desk, and the maple top I got looks beautiful and is featured in many of our videos.

If you'd like to see more of my work or have questions about photography - you can find me at




Learn how a standing desk can make for a healthier workday at!

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