Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day!

Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day!

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 13th 2015

Worldwide geeks, unite! Today is a day for us all. Whatever your geeky passion may be, celebrate it more than usual on this lovely Monday. Yes, it is Embrace Your Geekness Day. Today, we at Human Solution will discuss ergonomics even more enthusiastically than usual, if that is indeed possible. Today, we shall have a celebratory lunch in honor of the Evoluent mouse. We shall hold an extra standing meeting at our ping pong conference table. We shall perform a synchronized adjustment routine in our Leap and Ergohuman chairs, pivoting our armrests and relishing our lumbar support as one.

If you have recently developed a geek-like fixation on a height adjustable desk, researching its benefits late into the night, dreaming of new-found productivity and energy, today is the day to take the plunge. Just think of all the extra gaming you can do when you're able to stand to relieve back pain and increase focus. Just imagine activating to stand-up mode as you puzzle over a coding problem or read the latest issue of the American Mathematical Society. This day comes but once a year, my fellow geeks, and we must seize it. Today, we will be standing, walking, mousing, typing, and bouncing on our Swoppers with the glee of children. Join us, won't you? We are waiting for you.

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