Is the UPLIFT Treadmill Desk Safe? Yes!

Is the UPLIFT Treadmill Desk Safe? Yes!

Posted by Human Solution on May 2nd 2012

While there are many aspects of Human Solution's UPLIFT Treadmill Desk that are certainly appealing – the ability to exercise at work and the many positive effects of doing so – there are some hesitations that come with a purchase like this as well. One of the main questions we get is, "But is it safe?” Whether it’s a concerned buyer or an employer who wants to outfit their employees with treadmills to increase the wellness of their workforce but doesn’t want to face any liability issues, we here at Human Solution understand your concerns, and want to let you know they are our concerns as well.

Uplift Treadmill Desk in actionWell, we’ve got good news: The UPLIFT Treadmill is actually safer than the average treadmill! In fact, when Human Solution started selling our own UPLIFT model, our supplier had to jump through hoops to get liability insurance due to the relative newness of this type of product. Yet once the insurance underwriters completed their risk analysis, they found it to be safer than a traditional treadmill for the following reasons:

  • The speed on the UPLIFT Treadmill is limited to 4.0 mph, and is typically only used at only 1.0 to 2.0 mph.
  • The emergency shut-off cord can easily be attached to the user’s clothing in case of tripping.
  • Users typically use their desk for support while walking, thus providing extra surface support in case of tripping.

So if you are worried about any safety issues with treadmill desks like the UPLIFT Treadmill Desk or the Steelcase Walkstation, know that someone in the early stages of development of these products was just as concerned as you. And to further ease your mind, since 2008 our treadmill supplier for the UPLIFT has had sales of over 6,000 units and has yet to hear of one accident related to the UPLIFT Treadmill.

So safety shouldn’t be a concern when contemplating the purchase of a treadmill desk. What should concern you are the negative effects of sitting in a chair all day. Our bodies weren’t meant to be that sedentary all day – we need to get up and move! What better way to get your work done while increasing alertness and blood flow and burning calories than with a desk treadmill? If you have any other questions or concerns, give us a call at (800) 531-3746, hop in live chat, or email and we will be happy to help you out.

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