Natural Keyboard Trays: A Natural Choice for Your Ergonomic Workstation

Natural Keyboard Trays: A Natural Choice for Your Ergonomic Workstation

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 7th 2012

These days, everyone is becoming more ergonomically conscious, from the office worker-ant in a cubicle to the work-at-home entrepreneur sitting in the comfort of a home office in Suburbanville, USA. However, most of these people rarely take all the necessary steps to make the most of an ergonomic workstation setup. You don’t have to get the whole shebang -- standing desk, chair, monitor arm, etc -- all at once, but one of the easiest ways to start is with a new ergonomic keyboard and keyboard tray.

With so many options available for ergonomic keyboards, many people still use a standard keyboard. One of the better ergonomic solutions available is what is commonly referred to as a "natural" or curved keyboard. There are a couple of differences in a natural keyboard as compared to a standard. The most obvious is the curved shape and split in the keys, which helps to prevent poor posture and injuries associated with turning your wrists inward to type for long periods of time. A palm rest is usually incorporated as well, helping to further prevent fatigue and provide more comfort than possible with a standard keyboard.

If you are already using, or deciding to go with, a natural shaped keyboard then you should be aware that the keyboard is only half of the ergonomic typing equation. Here at Human Solution, we always recommend the use of a keyboard tray. An essential component of an ergonomic workstation, they are highly customizable, so you are bound to find that perfect configuration that will work together with your desk and ensure you are working within your neutral reach zone, thus maintaining a low-risk posture.

We offer some great keyboard tray options for natural/curved keyboards, including our most popular brands:

  • The Humanscale 100 Keyboard Tray is a curved tray with dimensions 20.5″ W x 10.48″ D. Because of the curved front, it is 13.24″ D at the deepest point. This design supports natural or wave ergonomic keyboards, works with any of the mouse platform options and will fit most desks using the variety of tracks lengths available.
  • The WorkRite Microsoft Natural Banana Board Keyboard Tray has a curved front specifically designed to fit Microsoft Natural and Elite keyboards, but it will work with most keyboards as well, with dimensions of 27.5” W x 15” D. The Banana Board includes built-in document holder and cord management system. The mouse platform is compatible with both left and right-handed users and the optional mouse pad palm support provides extra support and relief while mousing (they're available in foam or Jelrite memory foam).

Using a natural keyboard without a keyboard tray would be like owning a gas/electric hybrid car, and only ever pumping gasoline into it and never utilizing the electric capabilities. You want get the most out of your investment, and when it comes to office ergonomics, your overall health and wellbeing reap the benefits of your investments.

We are here to help! Make the most of your workstation or office. Call us at 800-531-3746, chat with us online, or email us at and one of our experts will get you started.

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