Report from the Texas Safety Expo 2015

Report from the Texas Safety Expo 2015

Posted by Pete A on Apr 10th 2015

Our UPLIFT desks made quite an impression at this years Texas Safety Expo, turning heads and peaking interests at every turn! Most people compare this event to Woodstock or Burning Man, and I would have to agree. Of course that would be with the exception of music and drugs, and an influx of safety tools! Our desks can play a major role in employee safety. With more and more jobs moving to the office environment, repetitive stress issues and stagnant sitting can cause a whole laundry list of ailments including neck and shoulder pain, and even more serious ailments like cancer and obesity.

We were happy to show off our best selling UPLIFT 900 series of height adjustable desks and educate the attendees about the benefits they could receive as employers and employees, with just the simple act of making a slight change to how we work on a day to day basis. We plan to attend next year too, and we hope to see you there! Check out these pictures of our booth.

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