Show Some Support: Humanscale Foot Machine Review

Show Some Support: Humanscale Foot Machine Review

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 17th 2010

This past week, I was given the privilege of writing a report on Foot Stools including the ever popular Humanscale FM100, Humanscale FM300, and Humanscale FM500. After staring at a blank screen for an hour wondering what exactly I was going to write about what I considered to be a “glorified foot stool”, I decided to do a little research to see exactly what the fuss was about.

Did you know that research studies have shown that 70% of all women and 40% of all men have health issues such as blood clots, varicose veins and pressure on the Achilles tendon due to pooling of fluids in the lower limbs? I didn’t, nor did I realize that this was the result of prolonged, inactive sitting.Foot Machines help alleviate this by utilizing a rocking motion that activates most of the lower leg muscles and increases healthful circulation.

The thing about these foot machines is that the non-skid, inset pads prevalent on theHumanscale foot machine models allows a user to rest their feet comfortably on the rocking surface and rock away without any slippage. Imagine if you didn’t have those pads….your feet would come flying off the surface, inevitably smack the edge of the machine and you’ll limp around the next week at your racquetball tournament.

In addition to relief from the pooling of fluids, foot machines such as the Humanscale FM300 also can act as a foot rest, easing the strain on the lower leg muscles and relieving the pressure on the lower back. When used in conjunction with one of our popular chairs such as the Raynor Ergohuman Chair or the Humanscale Liberty Chair, users can experience total ergonomic support.

Here are some key features to look for when choosing a footrest.
• Curved leg design encourages rocking motion
• Ability to provide support for lower back
• Non-skid, inset pads
• Rubber feet protect flooring
• Friction angle adjustment for easy positioning

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