Staying Movin' With the Muvman

Staying Movin' With the Muvman

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 24th 2015

In case it wasn't obvious yet, we're all big fans of standing and walking while we work here at HS. That's not to say we never need a break, however. While we've got a wide variety of different ergonomic chairs to kick back in, sometimes all you need is a quick and easy place to perch while still being ready to hop to at a moment's notice. After spending a few days with one at my desk, I'm fully convinced that the Muvman Stool excels at fulfilling those requirements.

The Muvman stool is similar to other "perching" stools such as the ergoCentric 3 in 1 and the Focal Mobis in that they're not designed for long periods of sitting, but are ideal for people who stand most of the day and occasionally need to rest their legs, such as bank tellers and laboratory technicians. All three use a slight forward tilt to help maintain an optimal distance from the work surface, but the ergoCentric 3 in 1 is designed around a stationary workstation while the Mobis and Muvman are built to allow for ease of movement and portability.

Like the Mobis, the Muvman also has a flexible ball joint that attaches it to the chair base, allowing for rotational movement even while seated and encouraging you to balance yourself using your core muscles. Even while moving, the Muvman retains a minimum 4 degree tilt for optimal positioning, and the height-adjustable seat lets you quickly tweak your sitting height for different workspaces. Combined with the integral carry handle, this makes the Muvman great for quick jaunts around the office, whether you need an extra seat for an all-hands meeting, or just plan to set up shop in a coworker's cubicle for half an hour to collaborate on an upcoming project.

Most importantly, the Muvman is extremely comfortable. The flexible, trapezoidal shape of the Muvman is covered in a soft microfiber fabric that maintains a luxurious, cushiony feel that also provides enough grip to keep you from sliding off while moving. I personally found this more comfortable than the seat on the Mobis, which has a contoured seat that encourages one posture (I have a tendency to cross my legs while seated, even on stools). For users in more industrial settings, a "factory" version of the Muvman is also available, ditching the microfiber seat for a more durable, grippier vinyl cover and adding a dustproof rubber cover to the movement joint on the base. While I wouldn't consider this modification necessary for someone like me who does little more than plop the chair on top of my treadmill between walking sessions, it's a great option for "dirtier" areas such as work benches and machining rooms.

While I didn't find the Muvman sufficient to replace my trusty Steelcase Leap chair for long-term sitting, it was still a welcome addition to my workspace, especially when I just needed a quick break from walking at work. However, If you find yourself in a position like my own where you only need to rest on occasion at a higher work surface, the Muvman definitely deserves a place in your ergonomic office lineup.

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