Surf's UP. Sort Of. Check out the E3 Motion Board by UPLIFT Desk!

Surf's UP. Sort Of. Check out the E3 Motion Board by UPLIFT Desk!

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Nov 27th 2017

Most of us have a routine in which we wake up, grab a quick breakfast, and head off to the office where we pour our productivity into an 8-9 hour shift. Sometimes it’s longer. But at the end of the day, everyone feels all worn out and stiff. It’s a lot of energy getting up the motivation to go for a run or hit the gym after a long day of makin’ that paper and some of us don’t have the luxury of getting our physical activity in before we head in for the day. I know, I know, we can always get up earlier. But that option sounds less appealing when that means waking up in the wee hours of the morning. Sleep is a super valuable thing not to be lost lightly. As a business that specializes in helping people stay healthy and active in the workplace, we have a lot of products designed to help keep you moving throughout whatever shift you work, letting you get your activity in even as you’re typing up your most recent TPS report. And, as a business that strives to stay on the forefront of healthy office gadgets, we’re always expanding our repertoire, which is why we’ve now introduced the E3 Motion Board by UPLIFT Desk.

This new addition to our “ergonomic, economical, easy to use” line of products is designed to give you something to do with your feet. Yes, most people fidget with their hands but that’s incredibly hard to do while you type. Go ahead. Grab a fidget spinner and try to write a blog. Your offhand is going to hate you so much. Instead of upsetting your extremities, you can balance away the hours on a very skateboard-esque device which makes up for in fun what it lacks in wheels. The E3 Motion Board is basically a hard plastic board with a convex section in the middle which serves as a fulcrum for all of your Motion Board antics. By balancing on the board you’re engaging your core as well as your legs.

Before you begin using your balance board you’ll want to pay very close attention to step one in your instructions. You’ll want to put the board on a firm and flat surface and, in a lot of instances, we recommend using a small tightly woven rug with a rubber backing to protect your hardwood floor or the board itself depending on which you’re more concerned with. As you use the board for the first time, hold on to a desk or some other stable thing while you step onto the board one foot at a time. The board is probably going to rise on one side as you put your first foot on. Don’t worry. It’s not angry at you. Just proceed with the second foot while still holding on to whatever stable thing you’ve found. Keep your feet parallel facing forward and evenly distribute your weight on the outer edges until you find your balance. Don’t try to do any sudden movements until you figure out the points of balance on your board.

Now that we’ve covered safety, we also have some recommendations for movements you can perform while balancing on the E3 Motion Board.

Rock: Move side-to-side by pushing down on one side, or using a similar motion to that of walking up a set of stairs. Right down, left up. Then left down, right up. This will get you moving in the Rocking motion.

Tilt: To try this move, push forward with the ball of your foot and your toes, and then push back with your heels. Use strength from your ankles and calves to push forward and backward to do the Tilt. Now you’re moving!

Swivel: Once you’re balanced on the board, you’ll be able to swivel your hips and move your legs from side to side. Note: while at your desk, this is an advanced move. The board can move swiftly when you swivel with enough force. Hold onto a stable surface when practicing the swivel.

Tilt is a great one for calves. If you just don’t have time to hit the gym after work, this won’t replace calf exercises with weights but at least it stimulates those muscles and keeps them active while you’re sloggin’ out your shift. For other ergonomic tips and recommendations on how to stay active in the office, or a price quote on the E3 Motion Board, call 800-531-3746 to speak with one of our ergonomic experts. We’ll be happy to hook you up!

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