The Ergotech One Touch Free Stand - Electric Height Adjustment for Your Existing Desk!

The Ergotech One Touch Free Stand - Electric Height Adjustment for Your Existing Desk!

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 26th 2014

Got a fixed height desk you can't quite get rid of? Maybe it's an antique with sentimental value, or perhaps just a "standard issue" desktop that's built into your cubicle, but either way, it's standing in the way of getting to work at an electric height-adjustable workstation. Thankfully, you still have options, and the Ergotech One Touch Free Stand is one of the best, offering a full 20" of height adjustment at the touch of a button.

As its name implies, the Ergotech One Touch Free Stand offers one-touch electric height adjustment by way of a convenient switch mounted into the included worksurface, and the system itself can be installed either with a simple clamp on the front end of your existing desk, or simply left free standing. The motorized mechanism easily lifts up to 100 lbs of equipment, which makes it an excellent option for use with large, heavy monitors such as Apple Thunderbolt Displays or newer all-in-one PC systems. In addition, the One Touch Free Stand features a generously-sized worksurface for your mouse, keyboard, and other accessories. You can even add extra features such as an LED task light, laptop tray, and built-in power outlet for even more convenience.

The One Touch Free Stand isn't the only electric height-adjustable desktop converter out there, either. If you need even more space to work with, check out the Ergotech One Touch Ultra - it features all the same features as the Free Stand model, but has an extra-large upper and lower worksurface to accommodate even more equipment. While the Free Stand can easily support two displays, the Ultra features unparalleled expandability, supporting anywhere from a single monitor to four displays arranged on a single row or in a one-over-three configuration.

Curious to know more? Give us a call at 1-800-531-3746 and we'll be happy to help you find a desktop standing converter that fits your needs and budget. Be sure to also check out our popular UPLIFT height-adjustable desks as well - with the boost in productivity you'll get from standing while working, you might end up with a corner office of your own to outfit!

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