The UPLIFT 900 vs the UPLIFT 925: Which Do I Need?

The UPLIFT 900 vs the UPLIFT 925: Which Do I Need?

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 18th 2014

One of the many great features on our most popular desk base, the UPLIFT 900, is that it can telescope to fit a variety of top sizes, from 43" to 90" wide and 28" to 36" deep. That works well for many customers, but what about those who have smaller desktops they'd like to place on the frame? UPLIFT 925 Space Saver to the rescue! Its smaller top brackets allow you to attach a desktop as small as 23" wide x 24" deep, but it can still accommodate a variety of larger sizes too. For example, for a top that's wide, up to 96", but shallower than 28" deep, the 925 is your answer.

Until now, customers who wanted to use their own top were restricted to about 45" as the smallest width compatible with the base. The smaller brackets on the 925 mean that you can mount a much smaller top, so there's a lot more flexibility in creating your own custom desk. A recent order was for a quantity of 925s to be used with 24" desktops in a large call center. And we regularly receive calls from individual customers who want to use our base with their own top in a smaller size like 30" x 24". The 925 is the perfect choice for these scenarios.

If your top is between 23" and 27" deep, you'll want to order the 925 with the optional smaller feet as well. This is because the the standard feet are 28" long. If your desktop is shallower than 28", the feet will stick out beyond the surface of the desktop, posing a tripping hazard. The smaller feet are 24" long, so that potential problem is solved. The 925 is available in black or silver and will ship out the same business day if ordered before 3 pm Central time.

An important point to keep in mind when using your own top is that wider tops may sag when installed without the optional crossbar, especially if the top is less than 1" thick. We recommend using the crossbar in these cases to prevent that sagging over time. In addition, if your top has a depth of about 40", the desk will be slightly less stable in the standing position because of the top overhang; you may want to consider using a 3-leg UPLIFT 950 base in this case if you require a desk with no movement. All UPLIFT desks offer best-in-class stability.

If you still have questions about the best base to chose for your top, please feel free to call, email, or live chat with one of our experts, and we'll be happy to help you out. has everything you need to be comfortable at work.

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