Meet the New UPLIFT Keypad, Now with One-Touch Presets!

Meet the New UPLIFT Keypad, Now with One-Touch Presets!

Posted by Will M on Oct 21st 2014

We’re constantly looking to improve the design of our nearly perfect UPLIFT series height-adjustable desks, and one of the requests we have heard most often was for a keypad that didn’t require holding down the button to get the desk to one of your four preset memory heights. Well, ask and you shall receive! UPLIFT desks with the advanced one-touch digital memory keypad are now available with one-touch presets!

What does this mean for you, dear UPLIFT user? First and foremost, your safety is paramount to us, so there are a few steps you need to take to protect you and your stuff. As you should be doing with an electric height adjustable desk anyway, be sure there are no obstacles above or below your desk within the range of your presets (or better yet, the desk’s complete height range in general to be safe). And when using your desk’s height adjustment, make double sure there is no personal property, or, worse yet, body part, between the desk’s range of motion and any immovable obstacles.

Also, make sure and test the lengths of all electrical cords before setting any preset heights. Make sure your computer, as well as peripherals like monitors, speakers, etc., all have cords that won’t pull or stretch during the duration of your desk’s motion up and down. You don’t want them pulling out of their ports or pulling the accessories themselves off the desk. Of course, having our handy UPLIFT CPU holder so that the computer tower travels with the desk, as well as our Advanced Wire Management Kit to clean up wires and feed them through a desk-to-wall cord organizer, will also help ensure everything stays in place when moving the desk up and down.

If all this sounds a little scary, just remember that if you want to stop adjustment at any time when using a preset, you can just push any button on the keypad and it will immediately stop moving. But bottom line: just keep the desk’s range clear of any obstacles, and you’ll enjoy years and years of easy sit-to-stand adjustment of your desk. And for those of you who fear change, or prefer the old style which required holding the preset button through the duration of the adjustment, those are still available to switch out. Just ask one of our helpful reps via phone or live chat, or email us at

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