Top 5 Mac Compatible Ergonomic Products

Top 5 Mac Compatible Ergonomic Products

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 9th 2013

Mac users, we at Human Solution have tools to help you stay just as comfortable as you are cool with your Apple setups. In addition to my obvious and universal recommendation of a standing desk, here are the top five Mac compatible ergonomic products and accessories.

1. The Innovative iLift will send your Mac display soaring to new heights, no matter how huge. It has a large vertical range of 18" (+/- 9" from a horizontal position) and its three models hold from 7 to 42 pounds. Most importantly: it is available in white and silver. Now your Mac can match your monitor holder!

2. The Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard is a favorite for both PCs and Macs. Weighing in at just 1 pound, 1 ounce, this sleek little ergonomic keyboard will fit perfectly in your bag or case. Though it is compact, it still has the ability to tent up to 3.5" to reduce wrist pain while you type away on its low activation force keys. The USB connection is compatible with Mac OS.

3. The Innovative Tablet Arm is a seamless way to free up desk space and position your iPad at a jealousy-inducing eye level. (Confession: my grandma is more modern than I. She's already trying out FaceTime on her new iPad mini, while I limp along with my iPhone 4.)

4. The Innovative Secure iPad Holder is perfect for point of sale and kisok use in a business. Much easier than setting up a credit card terminal, this ergonomic iPad holder will keep your precious device and data secure with an included lock and by allowing you to block the home key. The holder is suitable for iPads 2 and 3 (aka, "the new iPad"). See all of our available iPad holders and iPad tablet arms.

5. Last but not least is the lovable Cricket Portable Stand. These stands are quite popular here in our showroom in Austin. They prop up your iPad to help you avoid neck and eye strain so you can read and surf the internet pain-free. The angle adjustment offers you the perfect position for writing, as well. When you're done, just fold it up and stow it away in your pocket or purse. The Cricket's legs can even expand to fit a Macbook.

If you have any questions about compatibility of our products, please give us a call at 1-800-531-3746! We'll be happy to help you with all of your ergonomic needs. 

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