Victory in Da Feet: An UPLIFT Standing Desk Redesign

Victory in Da Feet: An UPLIFT Standing Desk Redesign

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Apr 17th 2017

Feet are important. You need them to run, walk, swim, gross out your siblings, and, of course, stand. Your standing desk is a lot like you, for it too gets its stability from its feet.Even more so if you have an adjustable standing desk. This is why a surprising amount of thought goes into the foot of your desk. How big should it be? What shape? What material? Lucky for you, we’ve done all of the testing so you don’t have to, and this is why we’ve updated our desk design to the C-Frame.

You may remember our old T-Frames, with a sturdy, telescoping leg attached to the center of a long steel foot bar, forming the shape of its namesake. At the time, they were fantastic, able to lift desktops with the best of them. But they were not perfect. While stable, they still offered more movement potential than we liked, and we here at The Human Solution are always striving for improvement. Thanks to our engineer here in Austin, TX, we developed a new foot that was stronger, faster, and, well, footier, and with a much more contemporary aesthetic. Thus the C-Frame was born.

Now, what makes the C-Frame actually different? Well, for starters, it's the shape. With T-Frames, the leg came down in the middle of the foot, creating an upside-down “T”. Classic, but it was a little dated. The foot for the C-Frame is offset a bit toward the back of the foot, making more of an angular “C” when viewed from the side. This design not only has a more modern feel, but also gives more stability and more space in the front for mounting accessories like keyboard trays and the like.

The C-Frame is also the more stable of the two designs. You may think this has to do with the legs. In fact, the legs play a far smaller role in that than the feet do, which is why the C-Frame’s feet are cast from molten aluminum, which is much more sturdy than steel. In addition to the metal being much more stable, the C-Frame foot was designed with additional support via the strengthening ribs built right inside. These ribs mitigate deflection, also known as bending or warping of the foot. This is caused over time by pressure that’s applied to the front of the desktop. With our design, the C-Frame feet will endure that stress much longer than the T feet, and look great while doing it!

So while we have loved our T feet for the past few years, we wish them a happy retirement doing whatever it is retired feet do - a pedicure retreat perhaps, or some other such thing. With the new and improved C-Frame, the UPLIFT Desk is more stylish and sturdy than ever! Just ask the fine folks at 1-800-531-3746 and if you need a quote, don’t be shy. We’re here to help!

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