Video: How to Counterbalance Your UPLIFT Monitor Arm

Video: How to Counterbalance Your UPLIFT Monitor Arm

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 17th 2015

One of the most common concerns we hear from customers, once they have received and assembled their UPLIFT Single or Dual Arm, has to do with getting it properly counterbalanced: "My monitor is within the specified weight range, but it's not staying in position." If you've found this to be the case with your arm, never fear. The arm is not defective; it just needs a quick and easy adjustment. We've created the video above showing you the simple process.The arm has a pneumatic gas cylinder inside that allows your screen to stay in place at optimal viewing height, whether you're sitting or standing. If the balance is not set properly, you'll find that your monitor either rises too high or sinks too low. This is easily resolved by using your included hex key and adjusting the resistance as described in the video. This will solve the issue 99% of the time, but if you find that you still have issues after following the instructions, please call us for additional troubleshooting.

One important point to keep in mind when ordering is to choose the model appropriate for your monitor's weight. Sometimes people will select the heavy duty version, thinking that it is a sturdier option in general, but that's not the case. The heavy duty model will work only for heavier monitors (17.5 - 35 lbs), just as the standard model will work only for monitors between 4.5 - 17.5 lbs. If you're unsure of your monitor specs, you can look them up online or give us a call for assistance. offers a wide selection of excellent UPLIFT products at reasonable prices.

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