Video: Varier Move Standing Stool Review

Video: Varier Move Standing Stool Review

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 21st 2012

Looking for a comfy chair to pair with you sit-stand desk? I've got one word for you: Perch!

The Varier Move Standing Stool is a simple, comfortable, and one-of-a-kind ergonomic stool that allows you to perch at your workstation. The Move provides a comfortable padded seat, convex base and a height adjustable mechanism to offer a part-sitting part-standing position, which we like to call perching. Perching allows you to move, flex and change working positions easily -- much easier than sitting on a standard office chair. And we all know that being able to move and shift position while working is important -- changing your position throughout the day helps burn more calories, improve blood flow, increase energy and focus, plus it just feels better.

The Move Stool features a convex base design allowing the stool to follow your body as you move. The stool provides a full 360° range of motion.

TheVarier Move is perfect for artists, architects, designers and others who want to receive the benefits of standing while working, but need a comfortable place to perch every now and then. The Move is equally appropriate for home uses such as sitting at a breakfast bar.

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