Zen and the Art of Treadmill Desk Maintenance

Zen and the Art of Treadmill Desk Maintenance

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 14th 2014

So you've finally decided to take the plunge and order an UPLIFT Treadmill Desk. And after picking your desk out, putting it together, and working up to meet your mileage goals, you're probably feeling great. But you aren't the only one who needs to stay in good shape; there's your treadmill to think about too!

While LifeSpan Treadmills run great and come with an amazing warranty plan, with a little bit of easy maintenance your treadmill can run for years and years like it's brand new. And it's good to know how to maintain these treadmills; whether you've had yours for years or are just starting the process of buying one.

Maintaining your treadmill requires the right tools, and there's nothing better for the job than the LifeSpan Treadmill Lubricant. Just one ounce of this colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and nonflammable lubricant is enough for the standard application, and putting it on the treadmill couldn't be easier.Just pop the underside open, fold the treadmill over so you don't get any lubricant on the walking surface (since slipping and sliding across the treadmill surface isn't nearly as ergonomic as walking on it), and spray the back of the belt to each corner.

LifeSpan recommends that you lubricate your treadmill once for every 40 hours of use or three months, whichever comes first. With enough for four applications in each bottle of lubricant, that should keep you covered for an entire year. If you don't have a LifeSpan treadmill, don't worry! As long as your treadmill takes non-petroleum based grease, you can use LifeSpan Treadmill Lubricant to keep it running smoothly.

Of course, beyond regular lubrication, there are other small things you can do to make sure your treadmill stays in great shape. A periodic inspection of the treadmill belt can be a good way to make sure the belt is centered. Additionally, we recommend adding a treadmill mat to your walking workstation. Not only does a mat keep your floors from absorbing the impact of walking on the treadmill, but it also keeps the gears and machinery of the treadmill free of dust and dirt.

If you want more information about caring for your LifeSpan treadmill, you can see the instructions for applying treadmill lubricant or look over the entire Lifespan treadmill manual.

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