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Left Hand Ergonomic Mice

Left Hand Ergonomic Mice offered by The Human Solution are specially designed to offer left-handed users ergonomic comfort and support while using a computer mouse. These left-handed mice are recommended by our in-house certified professional ergonomist to assist users seeking to alleviate pain and injuries associated with using a standard computer mice, such as wrist twisting, hand cramps and sore fingers.

From vertical mice like our Evoluent Vertical Mouse to trackpad mice like the Mousetrapper Flexible and joystick-style mice, The Human Solution features several different left-handed ergonomic mice keep you feeling comfortable and staying productive while you work at your computer.


Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Left Hand Wired Mouse VM4L

Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse KOV-GTM-100W

Handshoe Mouse Light Click - Wired

Handshoe Mouse Light Click - Wireless

Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wired Large

Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Medium

Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wired Small

Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wired Medium

Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Large

Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Small

Airobic Quill Mouse

Humanscale Switch Mouse

The Benefits of a Left Hand Ergonomic Mouse

Left Hand Ergonomic Mice help left-handed users stay comfortable and productive while working for several hours at a computer. Ergonomic mice help you combat the pain, cramping, wrist twisting, sore finger and joints and other health issues associated with using standard computer mice for several hours. Standard mice aren't designed to offer true ergonomic comfort and pain relief, but the left-handed mice offered by The Human Solution are designed to keep you comfortable and healthy while you work, whether you work at home, on the go or in an office.