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Workrite Keyboard Trays

Workrite Keyboard Trays provide a wide rage of ergonomic adjustability to match your body's needs and reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries, including neck and back pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Workrite Standard Keyboard Tray System features a continuous, in-line keyboard and mouse platform for quick reversal of your keyboard and mouse, while keyboard trays like the Workrite Glide and Workrite Advantage feature a separate mousing platform with a rectangular shape to compliment your computer display and allow for full navigation without having to constantly lift or move the mouse. The popular Banana Board features a mouse-forward design that aligns with the natural reach of the forearm from keyboard to mouse, as well as a built-in document holder and cord management. If you spend more than two hours per day at your computer, an ergonomic keyboard tray is an integral part of your workspace, and a Workrite keyboard tray may be the solution.

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WorkRite Banana-Board Keyboard Tray [2128]

WorkRite Microsoft Natural Banana Board Keyboard Tray [2181SN]

WorkRite Advantage-Dual 2112 Keyboard Tray 2110D

WorkRite Advantage-Single Keyboard Tray [2144]

WorkRite Standard Keyboard Tray with Split Palmrest [2191]

WorkRite Standard Keyboard Tray [2151]

WorkRite Corner Keyboard Tray System [188]

Video - How to Select a Keyboard Tray

Workrite Keyboard Trays are high in quality and are easy to personalize to your own workstation. For more information on how to pick the best keyboard tray for you, watch our video below.