2015: A Treadmill Desk Odyssey

2015: A Treadmill Desk Odyssey

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 8th 2015

Alright, it's that time of year when people resolve to do various things to make their lives better. Rarely do they succeed. I'm going for it anyway.

Most of my adorable coworkers are young and vibrant, and 40 seems like a faraway hypothetical. Not so for me, with the big 4-0 beckoning from right around the corner. I'm generally ok with getting older despite being surrounded by vigor, but I do have concerns about maintaining the fairly good health I've enjoyed thus far. I definitely need to lose some weight, but more important to me is to live a healthier lifestyle. The markers I'm really looking at are minutes of activity per day, the kind of food I eat, and measurements in a basic metabolic panel. I must say I do expect to drop some pounds and will be disappointed if I don't, but I'm making an effort to focus on the big picture of health.

Like many others, I have had stop-and-start success with this kind of endeavor. I have probably lost and gained at least 200 cumulative pounds all told; suffice it to say that it's basically been a lifelong struggle. I'm thinking that with a new focus on health overall instead of aiming for a particular number on the scale, a holistic, realistic effort will result in a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain into my 40s and beyond.

With that in mind, I have embarked on a lifestyle change that I can sustain, and I'll post every couple of weeks with an update on how things are going. Surely the threat of public humiliation will keep me on the straight and narrow. This week, I've walked on my treadmill at least two hours each day, and will continue that every day going forward. My food intake has been about 85% healthy for the past several years, and I've upped that to 95%, which allows for one meal per week consisting of whatever I want. I had a pretty well-developed yoga practice going for about seven years, which I've let slide; once I've solidly gotten into the habit of walking two hours a day, I will add yoga back in as well. That's it for now; I don't want to attempt too much and fail.

Wish me luck! I'm looking forward to a healthy 2015 jam-packed with treadmill strolls, green smoothies, and low cholesterol.

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