Do Treadmill Desks Increase Productivity?

Do Treadmill Desks Increase Productivity?

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 11th 2014

I've been working at an UPLIFT Treadmill Desk for about a year and a half now, and I've become used to the two questions that come up nearly every time a customer comes into our retail showroom and spots me casually strolling along at my workstation.

"You walk and work at the same time? Doesn't that make it hard to work?"

Surprisingly, walking has never slowed me down at work. While there was a bit of a learning curve involved with getting used to typing on the move, working from a treadmill has always come surprisingly naturally, and I've always figured it was just me. As it turns out, a recent study from Purdue University showed that not only did treadmill-equipped workstations have no negative impact on work quality, but they in fact helped improve focus as well as worker satisfaction. 180 people were split into four groups, using sitting desk, standing desks, treadmill desks, and bike desks, then instructed to work for 35 minutes after a brief acclimation period. After the work was done, the volunteers' work was checked and they were surveyed to determine their levels of boredom, stress, satisfaction, and how engaged they found themselves in their work.

According to Dr. Michael Sliter, assistant professor of psychology, all four groups were able to complete their tasks, but one group in particular stood out in the post-work surveys. As it turns out, the treadmill desks not only performed as well as their peers, but they reported less stress, less boredom, and more satisfaction in their work as well. Not only did walking while working improve worker morale, it didn't have any significant impact on work quality either.

Of course, we've been well aware of the benefits of working at a treadmill desk for some time now, which is why we furnish all our cubicles with UPLIFT Treadmill Desks. The sturdy, easy-to-use sit-stand UPLIFT 900 desks not only convert your desk to a walking workstation, but also provide a height-adjustable worksurface that allows for you to take breaks throughout the day as well. The included LifeSpan treadmills also offer a gym-quality walking experience featuring extra-quiet operation and an advanced shock absorption system. Combine the two, and the result is the best treadmill desk value on the market, letting you improve your health and your productivity without hurting your wallet.

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