A Hole Lotta Power. Wire and Power Grommets by UPLIFT Desk

A Hole Lotta Power. Wire and Power Grommets by UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Oct 17th 2017

Based on literally every television show I’ve ever seen, it’s all about power. Need proof? Wait until the next blackout and tell me how your favorite show is going. Electricity is kind of a staple in modern day society. I’m not saying that you can’t survive without it. I’m saying it makes things much harder when you shirk the convenience of the proper wattage. Speaking of convenience, have you ever needed to plug in a thing but lamented having to get on the floor and rummage through your cords until you find an open outlet? What do you think would happen if the power outlet was moved to a more convenient location? Somewhere that wasn’t the wall. Maybe the top of your desk for no reason in particular? Actually scratch that last part. There’s plenty of good reason to have a power outlet on your desktop and it’s that very issue that is solved by having a Power Grommet.

At this point most of the people reading were good when I said “power” but did a bit of a double take at the word “grommet”. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s a funny word that really just means “hole”. It’s a hole in your desk that you can feed wires through or, in the case of the UPLIFT Power Grommet, add nifty functional inserts to. They’re fantastic for wire management as you don’t have to overextend your cords by feeding them over the edge of your desktop and, when used with a wire management kit, it makes dealing with hiding your cables a bit easier.

But back to power. Should you choose to add grommets to your desktop you will have a choice of two inserts. One insert is known as a Wire Grommet insert and is just a spiffy cover for your grommet. You can feed wires through it or if you remove the inserts, you can wad up post-it notes and play a mini-game of HORSE with yourself. It’s super fun. I don’t recommend doing it that often for productivity reasons. The other insert option that exists is the Power Grommet insert which looks like a plastic cylinder on the surface of which you will find two power outlets. You will also notice two cords that meet together in a “Y” to form one cord that you can plug into either a surge protector or the wall. This effectively relocates the used outlet(s) to the top of your desk. How does that help you? For starters you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to charge your phone anymore. For that alone I think it’s worth it. The newer Power Grommets with the single cord also turn one power outlet into two which give you a lot more utility out of one wall socket. If you have an UPLIFT Height Adjustable Desk, the Power Grommet also assists with keeping your cords from overextending as you raise and lower your desk throughout the day. They’re a pretty great accent piece as well with the color options. They’re available in black, gray, or white to match your décor or, at the very least, your desk frame if you bought an UPLIFT Desk.

Installation is pretty simple for the Power Grommets, too. The cylinder comes with a threaded ring. All you have to do is screw off the ring, slide your power grommet inserts into the grommet holes on your desk with the outlets facing up. Then screw the threaded ring back onto the cylinder on the underside of your desktop. Think of it like a sandwich with the power outlets as top bread, desk top as non-bread filling, and the threaded ring as bottom bread. The wire grommet inserts are a little simpler. You only have to pop them into place. Easy peasy.

This is just another way that UPLIFT is trying to empower you at work, pun totally intended. The grommets are a great wire management solution that works even better when coupled with the Advanced Wire Management Kit. Or any of the wire management kits really.When you talk to a sales rep at 800-531-3746, they’re definitely something to ask about!

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