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We've Got the Power!

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

If you've been checking out our UPLIFT Desks, you already know that we offer tons of options to personalize your configuration, from frame and top colors to accessories like keyboard trays and standing mats. Now there's one more way you can customize your desk to your exact needs: Power grommets!

These grommets include two UL-approved outlets built right in, allowing you to easily plug in your accessories so they move up and down with your desk. There's also a small opening at the back so you can feed cables and wires through, keeping your desk surface uncluttered and your cords well-organized.

If you don't need the extra outlets but still want to keep your cords out of the way, you can select our wire grommet holes. If you're torn, you can get one of each, or two of one kind and one of another, and so on and so on; whatever combination of wire and power grommets you're after, we can accommodate, including custom placement. Just give us a call and let us know where you'd like them drilled.

We're always looking for new accessories and options that let you create the perfect desk for your needs. Let us know how we can help you work more happily and healthfully!

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