Accessorizing With Your UPLIFT Desk!

Accessorizing With Your UPLIFT Desk!

Posted by Tyler R on Oct 21st 2016

It’s been a while since the last breakdown of UPLIFT desk accessories and, while we’ve had some good ones, we’ve grown a lot in the last couple of years. This means we’ve added quite a few new things that just weren’t available before. We’ve also improved upon and simplified some of our options. So, with that in mind, it seems like the right time for another tour through the wonderful world of UPLIFT Desk accessories.

Once you’ve gotten through the first round of options on the desk itself (desktop size and color and frame color) the next option that shows up is the keypad. Your choices here are either the standard Push and Hold Two Button Up/Down Keypad or the Advanced 1 Touch Digital Memory Keypad. The standard Up/Down Keypad is pretty self explanatory. There’s a button for up, a button for down, and you have to press and hold either of them to have the desk adjust to the desired height. The Advanced Digital Memory Keypad has the same two buttons that you can press and hold to adjust the height, but with the addition of programmable preset buttons to which you can program heights. For the two-legged UPLIFT models, you only need to press the preset button once after it’s been programmed and the desk will automatically adjust to the preset height. This feature is not currently available with the heavier three and four-leg desk models as a safety measure. The Advanced Digital Memory Keypad also comes with a digital display for precision adjustments and, if necessary, easier troubleshooting.

The next option on the list is the ever popular Advanced Wire Management Kit which, as you have probably guessed, manages your wires and keeps them looking all neat and tidy. The Advanced Wire Management Kit comes with a cable organizer, a wire funnel for easy use of said cable organizer, adhesive wire clips, a wire tray, and a surge protector which you can actually put in the tray for easy access. There is also a combo kit which includes everything I just mentioned plus an additional surge protector with USB ports that clamps on to tops up to 1 3/8” thick. If you’re not looking for the full kit, we also have the options for just the wire tray, just the Clamp-on Surge Protector, or just the two of them together without the rest of the gang. If you’re ever in doubt about which option is best, the majority of the time, the Advanced Wire Management Kit has all you need.

The next option, grommet holes, can sometimes cause confusion, but worry not! That’s why we’re here. Grommets are essentially just holes in the desk. You can get them as wire grommets, which adds a spiffy cover, or you can get them as power grommets, which have an insert that transforms the grommet hole into a power outlet. You also have the option of getting one of each. Your office set up and your devices will determine the best configuration, but the majority of the tops will come with two wire grommets as a standard.

If you’re looking to brighten up your work space, you might also consider the UPLIFT Task Light. This little number is great for reducing eye strain and has angle adjustments at two points as well as rotation at the base, making it incredibly easy to get lighting where you need it.

Locking casters serve two purposes. If you need your desk to have a degree of mobility, the casters give you a base that can roll in and out of position. If you need an extra inch or two of height, the casters can provide that as well. They also lock in place, so there’s no need to worry about the desk rolling around all willy-nilly.

Monitor arms are probably the most complicated of the accessories, but fairly simple once you have a little knowledge. The UPLIFT Monitor Arm allows you to articulate your monitor to a more comfortable position for viewing. It works by counterbalancing the weight of your monitor with the arm’s internal weight. It’s because of this that it is important to make sure that the monitor is within the proper weight range. For UPLIFT Monitor Arms, the weight range is 4.5 lbs. to 17.5 lbs. You’ll also want to make sure that your monitors are VESA compatible. For most monitors, this manifests as four screw holes in the back, sometimes under a panel. If you have a Mac, I have some news for you. Some models from Apple can be ordered with VESA compatibility, but in general, they don’t have it and you’ll need to order a VESA adapter from Apple.

The next two options available are the CPU Holder and the UPLIFT Keyboard Tray. The CPU Holder is a bracket that attaches to a track that is mounted under the desk via wood screws, and its sole purpose in life is holding your CPU tower. The advantage to this is not only to free up real estate on the desk surface, but also to let the tower travel with your desk. The only stipulation is that the CPU holder can only accommodate towers 3.75'' - 8.25'' wide (measured side to side) and between 12'' - 20.5'' tall.

The UPLIFT Large and UPLIFT Switch Keyboard trays also allow for more room on the desktop surface by mounting a platform to the underside of your desk. This helps you to maintain that 90 degree bend in your arm when you type, and the platform can be angled to give your wrists more comfort. The only real difference between the Large and Switch versions is that the Switch has a separate platform for the mouse that can be "switched" back and forth from left to right. This is accomplished by simply pressing the mouse platform into the side of the main keyboard tray platform. The mouse platform will then pop out on the other side. The Large is one solid platform with a pad for your mouse. This too can be put on the left or right side for ambidextrous mousing.

Modesty Panels are large mesh panels that allow for a little more wire management and, well, modesty. They mount to the back side of the desk via a combination of wood screws and hard plastic clips. They also have a nice mesh pocket where you can keep wires or even a surge protector. They come in 48”, 60” and 72”, but, if your desk is longer than that, you can mount the panel in the center - it just won’t span the whole length of your desktop.

Now that we’re at the home stretch, I have two more notable desk accessories to help you achieve ergonomic excellence. The UPLIFT Half Circle Desk Drawer provides a bit of storage. It’ll fit post-it notes, pens, pencils, erasers and even tape. It works well with any desk that’s 60” or more, but it won’t function until it’s actually mounted to something, as it works from the leverage that being mounted to a desk provides.

The last UPLIFT accessory is actually a stool, and a fantastic one at that. The UPLIFT Motion Stool keeps your core active while you sit and is height adjustabe from 23.5” high to 33.5” high, meaning it can go as high as a lot of drafting stools. The motion stool is available in either black or blue and is a great option for people looking to escape a traditional chair.

Now while none of these accessories are crucial for your UPLIFT Desk to function, they do add that extra bit of “wow” that makes your UPLIFT desk your UPLIFT desk. All of them can also be ordered without the desk, but getting them with the desk has the added benefit of being more affordable. If you find yourself still full of questions after reading this, our reps are here and happy to help. Just give us a call at 1-800-531-3746!

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