Celebrate National Walnut Day with a Real Wood Walnut Desktop UPLIFT Desk

Celebrate National Walnut Day with a Real Wood Walnut Desktop UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Will M on May 16th 2015

I know it’s not until Sunday, but happy National Walnut Day everyone! Yes, it’s totally a thing. The Walnut Marketing Board (also a thing) proclaimed it so way back in 1949, and it was actually signed as a Senate resolution by President Eisenhower a few years later.

Even though it’s just to advance the interests of Big Walnut, there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate the holiday in style. My suggestion? A Solid Wood UPLIFT 900 Desk with a beautiful, real wood Walnut top. These are some of our most popular wood desktops, and for good reason – Walnut is one of the rare naturally dark woods that we carry, and looks great with almost any office décor.

Don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks for our woodworker to make one? We even have some Walnut tops here already made for stock that can ship the next business day. It’s too late to deliver it in time for this year’s Walnut Day festivities, but you’ll be the envy of all of the Walnut Day 2016 partygoers when you show them your height adjustable desk topped off with a gorgeous handcrafted Walnut top. With your executive style desktop and sit-stand technology to boot, you’ll be the life of the party.

So take that, Gary; you and your walnut “sculptures!” I can raise my desk up to standing height to smash your silly little sculptures! Um, I mean you can, dear reader. You’ll be able to raise your desk. What was I talking about again? Never mind. Have a merry and safe Walnut Day!

Visit TheHumanSolution.com to find other ways to put Gary in his place.

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