Easy Tips for Being Healthier to the Core

Easy Tips for Being Healthier to the Core

Posted by Will M on Mar 11th 2014

While we here at Human Solution are all about products to make you healthier at work, not all healthy actions require ergonomic products. One thing you can do, which requires no equipment and barely any work at all, is gentle core strengthening. Over at the Chi Living blog, they have some helpful tips for regular, everyday core work that will help give you better posture and more energy and focus throughout the day.

One such exercise is as simple as sitting up in your chair. By sitting up straight, then relaxing against your chair back, then sitting up straight again, you can feel the slight tension it takes your abs to hold yourself up straight. This kind of light core engagement throughout the day will come with all kinds of health and energy level benefits.

Another thing that Chi Living advocates, which we have been known to promote from time to time, is getting up out of your chair frequently during the day. While our height-adjustable desks allow you to do this throughout the day while continuing to work, simply getting out of your chair frequently to walk around, or going to a coworker’s desk instead of emailing or calling, will help you gently engage your core when getting up or sitting back in your chair.

The kind of light and gentle but deep core engagement you get when sitting up in your chair or getting up out of it is the kind of engagement recommended for any movement or activity during the day. By being cognizant of your core during simple exercises like these, you’ll be more aware of it at other times during the day as well, which will result in you looking and feeling better.

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