Ergonomic Executive Chairs and Desks: Progressive Choices for the New Executive Office

Ergonomic Executive Chairs and Desks: Progressive Choices for the New Executive Office

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 29th 2012

We’re always moving forward here at Human Solution, offering the latest and best ergonomic products and advice to help you feel more comfortable and healthy while you work.

Progress is key to everything we do, from recommending proper sitting postures to selecting the best ergonomic products to offer on our web site. Ergonomics is all about moving forward and recognizing that change can be good, especially when it comes to updating the outmoded workstations and office chairs many people use. (Is that crummy old office chair hurting your back? Chuck it and get an ergonomic chair, which will alleviate back pain, promote better posture and make you feel more comfortable. Fatigued by sitting all day? Invest in an adjustable height desk, which will help you combat fatigue, burn more calories and decrease harmful loads on your spine.)

Many home office workers and corporate offices are choosing the healthy alternative -- getting rid of their old non-ergonomic chairs and desks and replacing them with quality ergo products. This is great, and it means that office workers all over the country are feeling healthier, energetic, focused and taking fewer sick days. But what about the executive? Shouldn’t the big bosses feel comfy and healthy while they’re calling the shots and closing the big deals in that corner office? Of course they should! And they shouldn’t have to sacrifice luxury and style when making their office more ergonomic. Luckily, Human Solution offers several luxury ergonomic items perfect for the “New Executive” who prefers modern, sleek and stylish furniture to old fashioned stuffy and clunky decor.

Check out these recommendations for Ergonomic Executive Chairs, Desks and more:

Humanscale Freedom Chair in Leather with Headrest

The Humanscale Freedom Chair is a very popular ergonomic chair, and it’s available in luxurious, high quality Vicenza, Sabrina and Prima Leather. The Freedom Chair was designed to offer instant ergonomic comfort and to adapt to the user’s body – it rarely gets any more luxurious than that!

This intuitive ergonomic chair offers responsive technology to provide instant custom support, eliminating the need for adjustment knobs and levers. Plus it’s one of the sleekest, sharpest looking ergonomic chairs on the market. We suggest adding a polished aluminum frame and base (pictured here) for a truly modern and elegant look. (Stream our quick Humanscale Freedom Chair video review to see the chair in action.)

Steelcase Leap WorkLounge in Leather

The Leap Worklounge is the ultra-comfortable executive version of one of our best-selling ergonomic chairs, the Steelcase Leap Chair. The WorkLounge offers all of the same great features you’ll find in the standard Leap chair, including progressive LiveBack ® technology that allows the chair to move with you, plus more cushioning and a variety of rich Elmosoft leather color options. The WorkLounge also comes standard with a comfy lumbar support pillow for extra lower back support and comfort, plus a polished aluminum base.

BodyBilt 3507 High Back Executive Chair

We told you all about the benefits of BodyBilt chairs recently. Many consider BodyBilt to be the top of the line ergonomic chair brand, since these chairs are ultra-customizable and offer superior comfort and support. The 3507 High Back Executive Chair includes a fully adjustable headrest or a neckroll and is available in a number of high grade leathers and two custom stitching options.

Solid Wood Sit-Stand Desks

Many of our Most Popular Adjustable Height Desks combine cutting edge ergonomic technology with the natural beauty of real woods like cedar, mesquite, walnut, maple, knotty alder and ash. Our Solid Wood Adjustable Height Desks, like the UPLIFT 700, provide the solid feel and beautiful aesthetic that only a real wood top can convey. Every Solid Wood desk we offer is unique with its own character and wood cut. Our woodworkers choose quality Texas woods to construct these striking natural desktops, which all feature the nuances of the original wood stock. It’s not easy to come across high quality office furniture that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Our Solid Wood Desks are truly unique, offering high style, a clean sophisticated look, and sit-stand ergonomic comfort you won’t find in a traditional executive desk. The adjustable height base will help you stay in shape, as changing your working position throughout the day can burn up to 40% more calories than sitting.

UPLIFT Treadmill Desk

Most execs know that maintaining a good image can sometimes be just as important as your business knowledge and deal-making skills. Our UPLIFT Treadmill Desk helps you stay in shape while working at the office by pairing a treadmill with one of our most popular adjustable height desks. (Human Solution’s CEO, Jon Paulsen, is the perfect example of the “new executive,” he’s young, sharp, approachable, and he stays fit with the help of an UPLIFT Treadmill Desk.) Check out this video to see the Treadmill Desk in action.

Humanscale Horizon LED Task Light

You’ve found the perfect executive chair and the perfect power desk, now all you need is a little light. The Humanscale Horizon LED projects a sleek and modern sensibility while also offering a focused, glare-free stream of LED light for changing tasks. The light also features seven illumination levels plus an energy-saving dimmer. This minimalist design replaces clunky knobs and exposed wires with a slim and adjustable pole design that will look great paired with a solid wood desk and an executive ergonomic chair. See Humanscale’s other fashionable LED lights.

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