Ergonomics on the Fly: Check Out These Travel Friendly Ergonomic Items

Ergonomics on the Fly: Check Out These Travel Friendly Ergonomic Items

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 14th 2012

The portable MouseTrapper Flexible Mouse helps relieve the pain caused by Repetitive Stress Injuries, as well as shoulder and upper arm injuries.

If you travel regularly for business, or if you are gearing up for a holiday trip, chances are you will include a laptop or tablet among your carry-on essentials. Once you reach your destination, or if you should find yourself delayed and lounging at a coffee shop near your gate, there is no reason you should suffer as a result of a poorly set up workstation, just because you are away from your usual desk.

Check out a few of our travel-friendly workstation accessories, which can be used at your permanent workstation as well, that will help keep you healthy, comfortable and productive, no matter how far you roam!

The Goldtouch Go! Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard pairs automatically with your Bluetooth-ready devices, like your iPad or tablet, as well as with your laptop. This slim keyboard is extremely lightweight and portable, and it has the ability to split and tent at any angle between zero and 30 degrees, so you don’t have to strain or pronate your wrists while typing on the road.

The Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard is also available in a wired version, which easily connects to your laptop through a USB connection. You can place the Goldtouch Go! Keyboard directly on top of your existing laptop keyboard, or get your laptop screen closer to eye level by standing it up and placing your travel keyboard on the table. The Goldtouch Go! Travel notebook stand folds flat and comes with its own case for easy storage in your laptop case or luggage. The Cricket Laptop Stand or the Steelcase Details Mobile Compact Laptop Support will hold your laptop, iPad or tablet, and they fold down to fit in a pocket or purse.

Keep your travel workstation ergonomic by adding the Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse to your travel arsenal. The Mousetrapper Flexible is not only extremely portable, featuring its own convenient neoprene carrying case, but it's also wireless, and it features nine programmable buttons located right at your fingertips, eliminating the need to reach or strain your hand in order to complete commonly performed typing and clicking functions.

Wondering if you have enough USB ports to accommodate a mouse, a keyboard, your flash drive, maybe an external hard drive, and whatever other equipment you require? Easily connect up to four devices in one of your USB ports using the UPLIFT 4-Port 2.0 USB Hub to keep everything organized. Not only is this UPLIFT 4-Port hub capable of transferring data at high speeds, it's super lightweight and the USB cable tucks away when not in use.

If you travel all the time, you know being ready for any scenario is key. If you don’t, but you are planning a trip this holiday season, make sure you don’t get caught in the ranks of the unprepared! Check out more of our travel keyboards, wireless mice, and USB hubs. Feel free to give us a call at 800-531-3746 or live chat with one of our experts to ask any questions or receive specific recommendations.

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