Five Great Ergonomic Gifts for Father's Day

Five Great Ergonomic Gifts for Father's Day

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 12th 2014

It almost always seems like my presents for my dad on Fathers' Day, his birthday or any other holiday come from the bookstore. He loves to read, and books have always been appreciated. But this year, I want to surprise him with something different. And luckily, we have some awesome products that are made to improve a day's work by enhancing comfort and encouraging productivity. What better way to say thanks to dad than to think about the ways I can help make his life easier and more comfortable!

Since I've tried a wide variety of products myself, I am biased toward certain accessories. Here is my list of products that are creative gifts ideas for Fathers' Day:

1. Muvman Sit/Stand Stool: This stool is a really cool secondary seating option for a workspace. If you have an adjustable height desk, having a stool adds even more comfort and movement to a work space. If you want to take a break from standing, a stool is great way to be actively sit. The Muvman has a comfortable seat and tilting structure that allows the user to lean and move.

2. Humanscale Horizon LED Task Light: Working in a well lit office is more important than you might realize. Adding a task light will illuminate specific areas of your desk, without straining your eyes. If you are reading something with small typeface, or want to get a little extra light on your keyboard, a task light helps you have more control. Humanscale's Horizon LED Task light has a modern design, adding contemporary flair to any office.

3. UPLIFT 900 Desk Base (black): This could be a really awesome do-it-yourself project. We sell our height adjustable desk bases on their own, with no tops included, for people who have their own tops they want to use. It's surprisingly easy to assemble, and you just need to make sure your top is large enough for the base. For help with dimensions, check out this UPLIFT 900 Base Dimensions informational sheet, or give us a call. This could be a really memorable project to do together on Fathers' Day! And these bases ship out same or next business day, so they can be received quickly.

4. Mousetrapper Advance Mouse: This sleek little touch-pad mouse is comfortable and cool - I know, because I use it myself! I love the soft padding for my wrists, and the programmable buttons help make mousing more efficient. This is a very cool mouse, and would be a fantastic gift. He will be the envy of the office!

5. UPLIFT Keyboard Tray: This keyboard tray puts other keyboard trays to shame, and it's reasonably priced. It has great height, angling, and swiveling adjustments, and it comes with two different sized tracks for easy mounting. Adding a keyboard tray into a workspace can help a person avoid neck and shoulder issues, and improve overall comfort when working.

There are hundreds of other great ergonomic accessories we can recommend to people looking for thoughtful and unique gifts! If you want to brainstorm or get other recommendations, give us a call!

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