Hot Times, Summer in the Office!

Hot Times, Summer in the Office!

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 24th 2014

Our office is located in Austin, Texas, so we know hot summers. A summer in Texas is actually a rite of passage; it affects what we wear, what we eat, and what we do here. And it only makes sense that hot weather can also affect how we work, and how productive we are.

We know from our own experience that the heat can affect the quality of our work, and I know from conversations with customers that keeping cool is a major concern. Productivity is directly tied to comfort - and when your body gets too hot, or if you are unable to control the temperature in a shared office, it might be helpful to consider a few products that will help you adapt.

We came up with a list of recommended items that can help you get comfortable and cool off a bit this summer season. A few of these products are also recommended for use during summer travel:

Raynor Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG: One of the best chairs at a reasonable price, the ME7ERG has some fabulous adjustments, comfortable lumbar support, and super cool mesh. We hear a lot of positive reviews about this chair, and it's definitely a great pick for the hot months out of the year.

Muvman Sit-Stand Stool: Consider adding a stool to your workstation. It's a more active way of sitting, and without anything hitting the back of your body, there's increased air circulation which will help you feel cooler as you work. Moving and fidgeting on a stool is also known to help with focus. A lot of us here at THS will sit at a stool as an alternative between standing and sitting in a traditional chair.

Focal Mogo Stool: This stool is just too cool for school. It's reasonably priced and completely portable. It folds easily to fit in a backpack, and you can take it out on trips to the beach or to an outdoor music festival. We also have people here who love to use it at their standing desk.

Goldtouch Go! Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard: This is my favorite ergo-keyboard, because its adjustments are built in and it's easy to get used to. With its angling/tenting options, you can separate your hands as you type, which can have a cooling effect while also helping you keep healthy hand positioning. This being a Bluetooth keyboard also makes it very easy to take it on the go as you travel this summer!

UPLIFT 900 Sit-Stand Ergonomic Desk: Most desk related issues can be solved by the simple act of standing. Many issues related to pain, fatigue, and focus can be resolved by integrating standing into the work routine. I know that sitting all day is uncomfortable, and prolonged sitting can make you more susceptible to over-heating. When you stand up, you can get more air circulation, you can move around a little bit, and your body is not generating heat against the fabric of a chair. And even if you're not hot in your office, just consider a standing desk already! You will thank me later, I promise.

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