Humanscale Keyboard Tray Same Day Ship Models

Humanscale Keyboard Tray Same Day Ship Models

Posted by Human Solution on May 13th 2016

One of the most popular ergonomic keyboards trays we sell are Humanscale keyboard trays. When we say popular, we don’t mean that they are a faddish or trendy- the reason these adjustable keyboard trays sell so well is their versatility and build-quality.

Humanscale keyboards tray systems have a lead time of 5-7 business days for a custom configuration, so we stock three popular configurations in our warehouse, the Humanscale 6G90090HGSDS, Humanscale 6G90091HGSDS and Humanscale 6G500G27.

The sku’s refer to individual parts in a configuration:

  • The 6G mechanism lifts, swivels and tilts the keyboard platform
  • The 900 and 500 are rectangular keyboard platforms
  • The 90H and 91H are adjustable clip mouse platforms that only available with the 900 board. The 90H is 8.5" in diameter and the 91H is 10" in diameter.
  • G and G27 are wrist rests - G fits the 900 board, and the G27 fits the 500 board

The Humanscale 6G mechanism is the most popular for the following reasons:

  • No locking or unlocking is necessary to adjust the keyboard tray tilt; you simply turn the knob on the mechanism to adjust the platform’s tilt.
  • The knob on the mechanism shows where the tilt is set between 0-15 degrees. This feature is extremely helpful with multiple users or height adjustable desks; you can quickly change to a preferred angle without any guesswork.
  • The adjustable height offers a 7” range: 5 1/4” below to 1 3/4” above the mount.
  • Most desks have at least 22 inches of depth to mount a keyboard track underneath, and the 6G gets the 900 or 500 platforms completely underneath the work surface.

The 900 platform is 19” W x 10 5/8” D, and it fits a standard keyboard and a gel palm rest. The 500 board is a large platform measuring 27” W x 10 5/8” D with plenty of room for a mouse, keyboard, keypad and wrist rest on a single surface.

The 900 system includes a 90H or 91H clip mouse platform. The 90H and 9H1 tilt independently from the keyboard platform, so you can keep the mousing surface on a flat plane and not have to worry about your mouse falling off. This is a benefit since your keyboard platform is on a slope- who has time to replace a broken mouse these days? Additionally, the clip mouse platforms give you the most versatility: it slides on either side of the 900 board, moves towards or away from you, and swivels over or next to your keyboard.

Finally the G and G27 wrist rests are a nice support covered in synthetic leather, so they are extremely durable. They reduce pressure points on the palms and wrists while typing. You can opt to work with or without the palm rest; it has three prongs that fit into three holes on the board, making it easy to swap in and out as needed.

We highly recommend keyboard trays to get your hands in a neutral position while you’re typing to avoid any problematic issues and the Humanscale Keyboard Tray Same Day Ship Models are a great option if you need one quickly. If the Humanscale 900 and 500 still seem a bit too pricey and you still need a quick-shipping keyboard tray, you may also be interested in the UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray or the UPLIFT Switch Keyboard Tray. Both of these ship out the same business day if ordered before 3:00 pm cst and can accommodate your needs just as well as the Humanscale models. Check 'em out!

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