Mesh Made Easy

Mesh Made Easy

Posted by Human Solution on May 7th 2014

One of the most common questions we hear from customers is, "Should I get a mesh or fabric chair?" My answer is usually, "It depends."

If you don't have a height-adjustable desk, you are probably better off with a cushioned seat, rather than mesh. This is because a mesh seat can start to feel hard after several hours of sitting, whereas the cushioned seat will provide better long-term comfort. If you want an extra measure of softness, you might want to check out a Neutral Posture chair like the 8000, which gives you the option of adding memory foam to both the seat and back. Similarly, BodyBilt chairs like the 2507 offer an option for extra cushioning, and the Humanscale Freedom chair has a gel seat option. If you sit for very long periods each day, that extra layer of support can help prevent stiffness and pain in your bottom, lower back, and the back of your legs.

If you do have a height adjustable desk, though, a mesh chair can be a good option. Because you're spending less time sitting, you don't run the same risk of getting uncomfortable on the harder mesh seat. Whenever you feel any discomfort, whether because of the mesh seat or just too much sitting, you can stand up. A chair like the Nuvo would be a good choice. The mesh is very soft, and the large headrest makes reclining extra-comfortable. Plus, it's sold at a steep discount when purchased with the UPLIFT desk, so win-win.

The main reason customers are interested in mesh is because it can keep you cooler than fabric or leather. Mesh allows air to circulate, so can be more comfortable for long-term sitting, especially if you're stuck in a warm office. Some customers also prefer the firm support offered by a mesh back. If you fall into either of these categories, we've got you covered as well. Both the Ergohuman and the Nightingale CXO offer the best of both worlds: a cushioned seat and a mesh back.

Still not sure of the best option for your work situation? Just give us a call and we're happy to help you out.

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