PC Gamer Recommends the Office Master OM5

PC Gamer Recommends the Office Master OM5

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 30th 2015

We recently featured a guest post on the UPLIFT Height-Adjustable Desk, written by gamer Frank P, who explained why UPLIFT is the best choice for his gaming set-up. Now that you've got a solid recommendation on the desk to use while destroying the Zerg, let's take a look at a good chair. There are times you'll be sitting, after all, and you want to do it in comfort and for a reasonable price.

Enter the Office Master OM5, recently recommended by PC Gamer as the best gaming chair, after in-depth testing of several options ranging from budget to high-end. Here's a little of what they had to say:

Aside from the fact it doesn’t require regular fussing-with to feel right, what I like most about the OM5 is that the natural tension in the backrest is neither too tight nor too loose. It requires just the right amount of effort to make the seat and backrest shift in tandem, but I didn’t find myself slipping around when I wanted to remain stationary. In fact, the more time I spent in the chair, the more I found myself enjoying the opportunity to move around relatively freely, taking the opportunity to lean back regularly rather than getting stuck in the same position for extended periods...it’s vital to find a chair that encourages movement, and the OM5 does just that.

The workmanship on the chair, from its lightweight aluminium base to the slatted PolyFlex backrest, is robust and impressive, giving it a feel that’s far closer to the higher-end models we tested than the budget choices. The 12-year warranty which the OM5 comes with also speaks of confidence in the build quality. There’s plenty of scope for personalisation, too, with cushion fabric available in multiple colours and a leather option, should you be channeling a more ‘80s power exec vibe.

PC Gamer also praised the OM5's waterfall lip, a unique feature that provides personalized seat depth without the need for a seat slider, as well as the chair's overall intuitive design. The OM5 is "body activated," meaning you don't have to deal with a bunch of levers or knobs to make adjustments. Instead, the chair responds to the user's weight and makes the adjustments on its own. The PolyFlex backrest is available with or without fabric.

Providing excellent comfort and style, the OM5 gives you a high-end sitting experience at a mid-range price point. And if you're interested in PC Gamer's pick for a high-end chair, the Steelcase Gesture, we've got you covered there as well!

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