Stay Fit at the Office with These Active Workstation Accessories

Stay Fit at the Office with These Active Workstation Accessories

Posted by Human Solution on May 7th 2012

For those not lucky enough to have a gym at their workplace, Human Solution offers a variety of low cost active workstation accessories to help you stay fit at the office.

From balance boards to foam rollers, we’ve got you covered for fun, effective and safe low-impact office workouts you can do every day right at your desk. The following items pair perfectly with our line of ergonomic UPLIFT sit-stand desks, which allow you to go from a sitting to a standing working position with the push of a button, helping you become more active, increasing energy, blood flow and focus, and helping you burn more calories throughout the day.

UPLIFT Twist Board – Burn those calories while working with these slim and easy-to-use rotating twist boards. Here’s how they work: While standing at your sit-stand desk, just stand on the boards and twist your feet in and out and back and forth while standing in place. The exercise will work your calf and thigh muscles and help you burn calories with the simple twisting action. It’s almost like skiing. Indoors. Without skis. While staring at a computer. Make sure to get two of these (one for each foot) to get the best results.

UPLIFT Balance Board – Work your leg muscles and perfect your posture and precision with this active balance board. The balance board features a rounded base and a flat surface for your feet. Your job is to stand on the flat board surface and shift from one side to another, taking care not to lose your balance, activating leg and thigh muscles you don’t normally use in an office environment. The textured surface will prevent slipping, making this a great and safe way to burn calories.

UPLIFT Balancing Exercise Disc – Similar to the UPLIFT Balance Board, this exercise disc can be used as a balancing disk that you stand on. You can work your core by subtly shifting your balance and weight back and forth while standing on the disc. This inflatable accessory also features several more uses: Use it as a seat cushion or as a workout accessory for doing leg lifts, lunges, push-ups or crunches. The textured surface makes sure you won’t slip while working out at your office. Make sure to pick up the UPLIFT Needle Nose Pump to keep your disc inflated.

UPLIFT High Density Extra Firm Foam Roller – Use this high-quality roller for a variety of office exercises. From stretching exercises to strength training and core workouts, foam rollers are known as one of the most versatile workout accessories on the market. This roller is light but sturdy and made from high-grade molded polyethylene foam, ensuring it’ll last long and will be easy to use and to move around.

Looking for the best work-out-at-your-desk solution? Take a look at our UPLIFT Treamill Desk, which pairs one of our most popular adjustable height desks with a high-quality treadmill designed for office use.

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