The Humanscale Float Table with a Solid Wood Top: A Match Made in Ergonomic Heaven

The Humanscale Float Table with a Solid Wood Top: A Match Made in Ergonomic Heaven

Posted by Human Solution on May 21st 2014

Let's say you are a person who wants to be able to sit and stand at work. Huzzah! Let's say also that your discriminating tastes require one of our solid wood tops. Fine taste you've got there! Unfortunately, the final element of our hypothetical is that you are a person without access to an electrical outlet in your office setup. That means you're sadly unable to order our premiere electric height-adjustable desk, the UPLIFT Solid Wood.

Hope is not lost, my friend! Perhaps you have heard of pneumatic height-adjustable desks, which allow you to quickly go from sitting to standing by simply squeezing a lever underneath your desktop, with no need for electricity. The Humanscale Float Table is widely-regarded as the industry standard. "But wait," I hear you saying. "The Float Table isn't available with a solid wood top, so I'm still over here with my terrible problem."

Well, I've got some great news for you. The Float Table IS available with a solid wood top! By combining a heavy-duty Float base with your choice of a solid wood desktop in a variety of wood types and sizes, we can now offer you pneumatic height-adjustability combined with the beauty of natural wood. Elegance and functionality, literally at your fingertips. The sturdy Float base offers a weight capacity of 160 pounds, a 20" height range, three color choices, and the option of a mounted counterbalance mechanism for easy weight adjustments when you add or remove items from your desktop. Tops are available in sizes from 48" to 80" wide, and you can choose from cedar, alder, cherry, walnut, or premium bamboo, all custom-made to order by our talented woodworker, right here in Austin.

Problem solved! The Humanscale Float Table with Solid Wood Top brings together two industry leaders, resulting in ergonomic and aesthetic magic. Give us a call, and we're happy to help you select the right configuration for you. is your source for ergo tips, products, advice, and service.

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