These (Notrax) Rugs Were Made For Walkin’

These (Notrax) Rugs Were Made For Walkin’

Posted by Troy A on Nov 7th 2014

Have you ever had this happen to you? First, let me apologize for bringing up such an embarrassing moment in your life. Secondly, allow me to introduce you to the Notrax 131 Dante Decalon Entrance Carpet Mat. You may be familiar with the anti-fatigue mats we've told you about in the past, and the best ways to take advantage of them. Along those lines, the Notrax 131 Dante Decalon Entrance Carpet Mat isn't made to be stood on, but moved on.

We've gone over the advantages of Anti-Fatigue Mats before, and how they can help with posture and back pain. While these rugs do assist with some of those concerns, that’s not why we’re inviting them to the party. The Entrance Carpet Mats have two major components that make them stand out from other, more traditional mats. Firstly, it’s designed to keep moisture to a minimum. Second, and most importantly, the vinyl backing keeps the rugs from slipping out of place while walking on them.

If you have an office space near an entryway or medium-traffic area, this rug is ideal for that situation. I think it’s safe to say that walking onto tiled, office lobby floors from the rain can feel like walking on ice for those first few steps. Not exactly the best or safest way to make an entrance. You also won't have to worry about the wear and tear normal standing mats show because of regular movement or standard aging.

Not limited to office solutions, the Notrax Carpet Rugs could also be utilized in your home space. If you have a tile or cement space that sees regular foot traffic that you would like to keep dry, or keep your feet warm, this is the perfect solution. The Notrax Carpet Mat also has the added advantage of coming in several different colors so you won't have to worry about completely throwing off the decor of the room in the name of safety. Accessorize to your heart's desire! So, while you may not immediately think "non-slip rugs" while putting together your perfect office or walking space, remember it could mean the difference between standing tall and meeting the floor face first.

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