Thoroughly Modern UPLIFT: The UPLIFT Desk with White Top & White Base

Thoroughly Modern UPLIFT: The UPLIFT Desk with White Top & White Base

Posted by Will M on Sep 10th 2014

As I’m sure you are aware if you are a regular reader here, one of the best things about UPLIFT Desks is the ability for customization. Our custom laminate maker can help you create just about any desktop you can dream up, and, with Wilsonart’s myriad color and style options and our hefty, telescoping-width electric two-leg sit-stand desk base that can handle up to 335 lbs. and a 96” wide top, the possibilities are nearly endless.

With Apple products a fixture of many offices and work spaces, a white workstation is a popular option for a bright, modern look for your office décor. Because of this, one of our favorite custom combinations for the UPLIFT is Wilsonart’s Designer White laminate with a white T-mold edge on our white UPLIFT base. While not an exact match, they complement each other nicely. Since the lighting under your desktop is obviously different from that on top of your desktop, the legs are naturally going to look darker than the top as it is, so you’ll want a combination that goes well together with this in mind.

To make it easier for those seeking out this look for their UPLIFT Desk, we’ve put together an UPLIFT White Top & Base page. We’ve hand-picked some of our favorite Wilsonart white laminate colors – the aforementioned Designer White, as well as a standard White, for those who prefer a more “brilliant” shade of white, and patterned laminates Shadow Zephyr and Organic Cotton for those who prefer a more muted, off-white look to their desktop.

However, these four are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. These are some of our favorites that Wilsonart has to offer, but, since we’re all about giving you as much freedom as possible to design your ideal workstation, our desktop maker can create your desktop in any available shade of white that Wilsonart has.

And, if you’ve ever searched Wilsonart’s library of color options, you know this rivals Eskaleut words for snow. What’s your pleasure, Linen White? Frosty White? Er, Basket Weaving White? If you want an available shade different from the ones we’ve picked, just give us a call, email us at, or hit us up in live chat to let us know what look you want, and we’ll get to work helping you build an UPLIFT Desk just for you.

Explore all of the endless possibilities for your UPLIFT desk at

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