Tournament of Desks: UPLIFT 900 vs. Workrite and SiS Standing Desks

Tournament of Desks: UPLIFT 900 vs. Workrite and SiS Standing Desks

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 10th 2014

The secret is out: sit-stand desks are an essential element of a comfortable and healthy workplace. It is truly a boom time for adjustable height sit/stand desks, but with this increase in popularity, its harder than ever to know which desk is the right one for you. That's why, all this week, our bloggers are comparing well-known standing desks to see how they stack up to our best-seller: the UPLIFT 900. Two (or three) desks enter, but only one can reign supreme!

Our November 2014 tournament of standing desks begins! Although UPLIFT Desk is a relative newcomer to the adjustable-height desk scene, it is already receiving plenty of attention. It has been featured and recommended by the likes of Lifehacker and the LA Times, just to name a couple of its most famous admirers. Despite all the favorable press, old habits die hard, and people still like to go with a brand they’ve heard of, so I often talk to people with the same question: How does UPLIFT Desk compare to electric desks that have been around for a while, like Workrite or SiS?

While both Workrite and SiS offer dependable, high-quality electric desk frames, there are a few reasons UPLIFT is a better value. The UPLIFT 900 desk actually offers the same 26" height range, and at 355 lbs, a higher weight capacity than both Workrite and SiS desks. So, with the UPLIFT Desk, you're getting a desk that offers sturdy, high-quality construction, and even exceeds the other manufacturers, but comes in at a price point that is roughly half what you’d pay for those other desks. UPLIFT Desks are tested for 20,000 cycles, and each desk comes standard with a seven-year all-inclusive warranty, which covers every part of the desk frame, including the motor, controls and all electrical components. You can even opt for a 12-year extended warranty.

The UPLIFT Desk is also extremely versatile, with a telescoping crossbar design for width adjustment. This means they will work with desktops that are anywhere from 43" to 96" wide, but there is no need to specify the crossbar length, and you can easily switch the top to a larger or smaller one later without having to order a replacement crossbar.

Because we are the manufacturer, and we stock UPLIFT Desks and their components right here in our Austin, Texas warehouse, we eliminate the middle man. As a result, you not only save money, but lead times are cut down quite a bit - we can ship out a full desk with a desktop in about three days, and desk frames alone will ship out the same day. We also handle everything in-house, from building, packaging and shipping the desks, to answering any questions you might have about assembly and installation, troubleshooting questions or warranty support. Our knowledgeable staff of customer service personnel has each assembled an UPLIFT Desk, so we are extremely familiar with our products, and we are easy to reach by phone, e-mail or live chat.

We also offer one-stop shopping, with every accessory you need to set up your perfect workstation, from keyboard trays and monitor arms to options for extra storage, offered in bundled packages with your desk. We encourage you to build your own custom desk solution. Want to talk to an expert for more information? Give us a call at 800-531-3746.

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