Treadmill Desks: How Many Calories Per Hour Can You Burn While Walking?

Treadmill Desks: How Many Calories Per Hour Can You Burn While Walking?

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 22nd 2012

It goes without saying that walking will help you burn more calories than sitting all day. But exactly how many calories can you burn using a treadmill desk?

A 160 lb person will burn about 200 calories an hour while walking at 2 MPH, according to the Mayo Clinic. The treadmill desks we recommend can move up to 4 MPH, but we suggest staying at or under 2 MPH for a steady low impact, calorie burning workout. For those looking for more intense calorie burn, a 160 lb person can increase the treadmill speed to 3.5 MPH to burn about 310 calories an hour.

A 200 lb person will burn about 250 calories an hour while using a treadmill desk pace of 2 MPH and about 390 calories an hour while setting the pace to 3.5 MPH.

A 240 lb person walking on a treadmill at 2 MPH will burn about 300 calories an hour and around 460 calories an hour while walking at 3.5 MPH.

The Mayo Clinic also recommends a treadmill desk to “take workplace exercise to the next level.” According to researchers, overweight office workers can lose an estimated 44 to 66 pounds in one year by using a treadmill desk at the office for 2-3 hours a day.

We trust the Mayo Clinic figures not only because we’ve seen and heard dramatic results from our clients and customers, but also because the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. James Levine is credited with creating the first treadmill desk. During Levine’s initial treadmill desk research, he concluded that his subjects burned 100 extra calories every hour while walking at less than 1 MPH. That’s a great incentive to get up out of your office chair and start walking while working!

High calorie burn is one of the reasons we recommend using a treadmill desk while you work. Treadmill desks will help you burn calories and stay fit while you’re stuck at the workplace. Desk treadmills offer a low impact workout that can help you relieve stress, lose weight, stretch muscles and improve mood, productivity and circulation.

The Treadmill Desks we offer, like the popular UPLIFT Treadmill Desk, are designed to keep you up and active while working all day. Staying active and saying goodbye to sedentary life are essential parts of any weight loss program. And while many of us struggle to get to the gym to work out every day, a treadmill desk alleviates that problem by helping you burn a lot of calories while at work.

We also sell desk treadmills only if you want to pair a treadmill with a standing desk you already own. Check out the LifeSpan TR800-DT3, the LifeSpan TR1200-DT3, and the LifeSpan TR5000-DT3. And if you're looking for a an adjustable height standing desk, which can also help you burn calories by standing while you work, check out the benefits of our UPLIFT Standing Desk, an electric adjustable desk which allows you to go from sitting to standing.

Feel free to contact our ergonomic experts for help finding the best desk treadmill for you. You can call us at 800-531-3746, email, or chat live with us online.

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