UPLIFT Desk Standard Freight Delivery: At Your (Curbside) Service

UPLIFT Desk Standard Freight Delivery: At Your (Curbside) Service

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 24th 2014

In a recent post, we showed you how each UPLIFT Desk is prepared for shipment, right here in our Austin, Texas warehouse. We carefully inspect and package each component for the maximum protection while in transit. In order to ensure your desk is protected once it’s out of our hands, we strap everything down on a pallet and ship it via freight carrier.

If you choose one of our standard or lift gate freight delivery options, the next stop is your loading dock, if you happen to be in a commercial building, or your curb, if this is for your home office. If you typically order items online like small electronics, video games, or, if you are like me, shoes, you are probably accustomed to your package arriving via the postal service or one of the many delivery services who drop the box off at your door, or leave it at the front desk of your business. Freight delivery of a large piece of furniture, like a desk, is a bit different, but it’s still manageable. We want you to know what to expect, so we’re going to break down freight delivery for you here.

Standard freight delivery

If you give us a call and ask about our many freight options, we’ll probably describe standard freight delivery as “curbside service,” because that’s exactly what it is. The truck will pull up to your curb, and the driver will open the back and move the pallet with your items on it to the end of the truck. This option is ideal for commercial locations with a loading dock and/or forklift, but you can choose this option for a residential delivery as well. You are welcome to cut the ties holding down the individual items and unload piece by piece. This is best accomplished by at least two people, and if you have a hand truck or dolly, even better. Just to give you an idea, the UPLIFT 900 desk base will be disassembled and boxed, and weighs around 70 lbs. The desktops vary, from about 40 lbs for a small laminate to 150 lbs for a larger, solid wood desktop.

Lift gate delivery

If you request lift gate service for your delivery, everything is the same as standard freight delivery, except the truck will be equipped with a lift gate, which is best described as an elevator for the pallet. It unfolds from the back of the truck, and the driver can lower it to ground level, making it easier to unload. If they have a pallet jack available, they’ll most likely be able to move it off the lift gate and, if there are no steps, steep inclines or other impediments, they can probably get it into your garage for you, but this can be dependent on the driver.

Visit our White Glove and Freight Shipping Options page to read about all the different options we offer, and as always, feel free to call us with any questions at 800-531-3746!

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