Wire Management: The Nail-Biting Struggle

Wire Management: The Nail-Biting Struggle

Posted by Greg V on Mar 16th 2015

If you’re anything like me, dangling wires bother you. I mean really, really bother you. But don’t you worry- if your desk set up could be compared to the snake scene in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ and you, much like Indiana Jones, can’t stand the thought of being surrounded by serpent-like objects, there are options out there! Options that can give a closet-partially-OCD person like myself something less to worry about. [Note: no whips are necessary]

Let’s take a minute to go through these options and discuss why you may want to choose one over the other.Option 1: Grommet Holes

Grommet holes would be a great place to start. They can be added to your UPLIFT desktop and allow for through-desk cable routing or monitor arm mounting. But here at Human Solution we love customization, so we offer different options for you regarding type and placement.

  • Type: You have two different types of grommets to choose from: the standard grommet option includes a removable wire cover, and then there is the power grommet. Ah, the power grommet! For just a little extra, you can get two outlets (per grommet hole) added directly on your desk for easy power access. This is especially useful for someone who uses a lot of short cords, as they work like an extension cord, or, in addition, someone who doesn’t like to crawl under their desk every time they need to plug and unplug something in. Save those knees!
  • Placement: This is probably one of the coolest options we offer, allowing for much more customization than most competitors provide. Our grommet holes can be put in a number of three different locations; the left side, the center, or the right side of the desk top. Not only that, but you’re not limited to choosing just one of those locations. You can get one, two, or three holes on each desk and place them wherever you see fit! That gives you a total of 7 different placement combinations (and yes, I counted- twice). And if those 7 different configurations don't work for you, no worries! Give us a call and we can work with you to further customize your grommet hole location.

In short, if you haven’t ordered your desk yet, a grommet hole is definitely the first thing to consider when it comes to wire management.

Option 2: UPLIFT Advanced Wire Management Kit

The Wire Management Kit is also a fantastic way to take care of those unsightly wires. This option, unlike the grommet hole, can be added to a previously purchased desk. Combining both simplicity and efficiency, this kit is the Google of wire management. And better yet, installation is easy!

The kit works great on its own, and even better paired with a grommet hole. It includes a 3.6” wide cable organization tray that mounts securely to the underside of your desk, a six-outlet power strip (with an optional upgrade to a clamp-on surge protector- see option 3), 10 reusable cable ties, and a spiral desk-to-wall cable organizer. This management kit is a great addition to any desk set up!

Watch this video below for a closer look at how it works:

Option 3: UPLIFT Clamp-On Surge Protector with USB Charger
The Clamp-On Surge Protector is another great option for someone who already purchased a desk. This surge protector clamps onto the edge of your desk with just the twist of a finger and comes with soft padding so that the desktop surface isn’t compromised. Users of a height-adjustable desk have the added bonus of their surge protector traveling with the desk when going from sitting to standing, keeping the power cords from coming undone while you adjust the height. Plus, you know, it comes with a USB charger… and we can never have too many of those! Especially if your cell phone, like mine, dies every 20 minutes.

See? As promised- no whips needed. I hope this has helped give you an idea of what we offer here at Human Solution in terms of wire management. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us directly at 1-800-531-3746 and we’d be glad to help!

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