The UPLIFT Complete Standing Desk Is A Total Ergonomic Office Solution

The UPLIFT Complete Standing Desk Is A Total Ergonomic Office Solution

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 4th 2012

Sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming looking at all of the necessary elements of a complete ergonomic workstation that Human Solution offers. From big things like a desk and a chair, down to accessories like a CPU holder or wire management, it can be a daunting task piecing together a complete ergonomic office. While a multitude of options are great for some users, others just want to know what we recommend for the total package. For users who want to immediately transform their work space into a complete sitting, standing and walking ergonomic workstation, we’ve taken much of the guesswork out of it for you with our new UPLIFT Complete Standing Desk I.

This package puts together everything you’ll ever need for an ergonomic treadmill desk setup. We start with our UPLIFT 800 Electric Sit-Stand Desk with a durable laminate top, and we add the popular LifeSpan Desk Treadmill TR1200-DT3 for a full desk setup where you can alternate between sitting, standing and walking. The desk has quick and quiet electric height adjustment, and the treadmill has an easy-to-use console that sits on top of the desk and can calculate distance, time, step count and calories burned.

The next component, where we do give you some options from which to choose, is an ergonomic chair for when you’re not standing or walking at your desk. We have paired it down to the basic configurations of four of our most popular chairs. If you want a nice cool, all-mesh chair to sit in after walking, we have our popular Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG, a high-back chair with adjustable headrest. If you want your chair’s adjustments to be simple, and, if you’re looking at the Complete UPLIFT Desk, you’re probably into simplicity, maybe you want to add a Humanscale Freedom Chair with headrest, with its intuitive counterbalancing system and lever-free recline adjustment. We also have a couple of chairs from one of my favorite manufacturers, Steelcase. Pick from two of their most popular chairs, the Steelcase Leap Chair or the Steelcase Amia Chair. All of these chairs fit about 90% of the population or more, and it’s hard to go wrong with any of them.

When you’re sitting in your chair, a truly ergonomic workstation allows you to rest your keyboard and mouse comfortably in your lap with your arms, shoulders and wrists relaxed while typing. To this end the Complete UPLIFT Desk includes a Humanscale 500 Big Board Keyboard Tray with a 6G mechanism, with one large platform for both your mouse and keyboard and 6” of height adjustment for perfectly placing your keyboard and mouse where they need to be.

We even throw in the keyboard and the mouse. Included are our popular Evoluent Right-Handed Wired Mouse VM4R, which gets your hand in the proper ergonomic “handshake” position, and the Goldtouch V2 Split Keyboard. The Goldtouch GTU-0088 works with either a Mac or a PC, and it features a built-in mechanism for 30 degrees of vertical or horizontal adjustment of the split. Both the keyboard and the mouse are designed to cut down on repetitive stress injuries, and the keyboard tray allows you to position them on one surface whichever way is most comfortable for you.

Placing your monitor at the correct height and distance is important as well, and a monitor arm will both clear up valuable desk space and allow you to place your monitor at eye level and the proper distance away to prevent neck and eye strain. Included is our UPLIFT Monitor Arm, with tilt and swivel range, as well as two arm extensions and 16” of height adjustability for proper placement of your monitor. Also included is the option for an UPLIFT iPad Mount, which attaches easily to your UPLIFT Monitor Arm via its standard VESA plate.

Finally, the Complete UPLIFT Standing Desk includes a CPU holder, power strip and wire management to keep your desk clutter free and safe. You don’t want cables coming unplugged while you are using your desk’s electric height adjustment, and you don’t want a bunch of unruly wires wrapping around your legs while you’re sitting, or worse yet, walking and working on your treadmill. The Complete UPLIFT Desk is just that, a complete ergonomic office solution with everything you’ll need to work ergonomically but the computer itself.

If you’ve kept up with this blog, you know how important it is to get up out of your chair, and adding movement is an even better deterrent to the various health and energy problems that arise from sitting at work all day. The Complete UPLIFT Standing Desk I is a money-saving and hassle-free way to get everything you need to transform your current home or office workstation into a brand new, completely ergonomic desk setup. Of course, if you still have questions about how to upgrade your office setup, you can always give us a call at 800-531-3746, email us at, or chat online with one of our experts and we’ll get you what you need to be healthier and more productive at work

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